To give up, or not give up? That is the question!


It’s a dilemma I sometimes find myself in. When do you give up reading a book that you’re just not enjoying? I hate to admit it, but because I read so much, and have so much on the to be read pile, I sometimes find myself giving up with a book. Do you do this? Or are you one of those that sticks to a book until the bitter end even if you’re finding it a chore to read? Reading should never be a chore…

I hate giving up on books, but it’s true, there’s too many decent books out there and not enough time to read them all, so why waste precious reading time on something you don’t enjoy? When I do make that decision to give up, I feel awful for a while. God knows why. The book doesn’t know, the author doesn’t know. It’s just my own guilt for not sticking with something that someone has spent a lot of time writing.

I guess recently, I’ve tried to ignore that guilty feeling and if 100 pages or so goes by and I’m still not enjoying the book, I decide its time to give up.

When, or do you ever give up on a book?


3 thoughts on “To give up, or not give up? That is the question!

  1. I really struggle giving up on books. Mainly because after Unhooking the Moon I always hope it’ll turn around. That was the book that I really didn’t like all that much but my friend urged me to continue and the ending made the whole book brilliant. So I carry on even when I think it’s hopeless but truthfully Unhooking the Moon is one of very few occasions where it was worth it.
    I do sometimes go and return weeks later hoping I’ll be in the right mood for that book then.

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