Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland- Beth and Chrissi do Kid-Lit Challenge


As mentioned before on this blog, my sister and I are taking on a challenge to read some classic children’s literature. The choice for January was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

How did I get it?:
Downloaded free on my Kindle.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) is a beloved exciting fantasy novel by Lewis Carroll. It is a unique children’s story of Alice’s Wonderland confrontation with many amusing and entertaining characters. It is fun, fun book that takes the reader into the realm of true imagination.


Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland is an absolute gem of a children’s book. The reader is sucked into Alice’s world as she experiences the crazy Wonderland. I think what pulls the reader in is Lewis Carroll’s writing style. Writing everything from Alice’s perspective, which is a very young and funny perspective, works because you see everything through the eyes of a child. It’s ridiculous at times but in a good way. It’s perfect for a child who just loves to dream and imagine.

Response to Beth’s review:

You can read Beth’s fabulous review here.

I completely agree with her that the imagination of Lewis Carroll knows no boundaries. He really was an imaginative man. I note she says she loves the Cheshire Cat, but I have to admit to always being slightly afraid of his maniacal grin being left behind. I mean, can you imagine, walking through a forest or something and being met with just a grin?!? I think I’d be terrified now let alone as a child, but maybe I’m just a wimp.

I also couldn’t recall reading about the baby that turns into a pig and wanders off! Seriously weird. Beth is already calling for a Kid-Lit challenge 2014.. methinks she’s enjoying this challenge just as much as I am.

Next up in the Beth and Chrissi do Kit-Lit Challenge: (February)
The Water Babies- Charles Kingsley

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