Jasmine Nights


How did I get it?:
Borrowed off Bibliobeth


1942 and the world is at war. It is a war that has already shattered families and devastated countries. But for some, it will also mean the greatest of adventures.

In a burns hospital in Sussex, a beautiful young singer performs to a ward full of injured soldiers. Saba is captivating and one pilot, Dom, shudders as her gaze turns his way. He can’t bear her to see his scars but resolves to write to her once they have healed.

The world is on the brink of enormous change. Saba’s journey as a singer with ENSA takes her to the fading glamour of Alexandria and the heat and decadence of Turkey. On the glamorous Middle Eastern social circuit, Saba rubs shoulders with double agents and diplomats, movie stars and smugglers. Some want her voice, some her friendship, and some the secrets she is perfectly placed to discover…

JASMINE NIGHTS is a tale of decadence and destruction, of love and of danger. It is the captivating love story set in an extraordinary world.


This is a beautiful story full of love and danger. Julia Gregson uses two characters to narrate a tale of the North African campaign of the Second World War. I liked how the story alternated from Saba and Dom’s point of view.

I particularly liked the character Saba, a beautiful but stubborn singer from Wales who defies her family to strike out on her own after being forbidden to sing in public by her father. Saba decides to go against her families wishes and pursues her dream of singing to the troops and is sent off to Cairo. Saba encounters Dom who is an RAF pilot badly burned in a Spitfire crash whilst she sings at a hospital where he is receiving rehabilitation. Dom is facing some demons after feeling guilty for a friend’s death and being left by his fiancé. He falls in love with Saba from the moment he encounters her and follows her to North Africa where he is transferred. Julia Gregson made the couple’s love believable. It was very touching. Both Saba and Dom are complex characters that are really well-written.

The story itself was very intriguing although I did feel at times that the pace slowed down. It was interesting to read about female entertainers being used as spies in the Second World War. I wish that there had been more about the danger Saba was putting herself in, this didn’t seem to happen until nearer the end of the story. I was waiting for some spy action to happen and it took quite a while! Jasmine Nights wasn’t a perfect story, but it is a decent read and kept me intrigued.

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

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