The Good Father

The Good Father

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I borrowed it.


An ordinary boy with an ordinary life stands accused of killing the next president of the United States.


Dr Paul Allen is a well-respected man. He lives a happy, comfortable life with his second wife and their family. Until the night when a knock at the door blows his world apart: a hugely popular presidential candidate has been shot, and they say the young man who pulled the trigger is Paul’s son.

Daniel, the only child from his first, failed marriage, was always a good kid and Paul is convinced his quiet boy is not capable of murder.

Overwhelmed by a vortex of feelings, Paul embarks on a mission to understand what happened and why. Following the trail of his son’s journey across America, he is forced to re-examine his life as a husband and a parent, and every decision he ever made.

What follows is a powerfully emotional and suspense-filled quest that keeps you guessing to the very end.

‘Monsters don’t just become monsters, after all.’


This is another of the Richard and Judy bookclub picks for Spring 2013. It sounded great so I was looking forward to reading it. Once I began, I became sucked into the story, although I did feel it began to lag towards the end.

It was interesting to read it from a male perspective. Usually in novels about a parent it’s the mother’s voice we hear. Paul Allen’s son has killed the presidential candidate and Paul wants to work out why. He doesn’t believe that his son could’ve done it and begins to wonder if it’s his son’s upbringing that has led to him committing this crime. Paul’s approach to working out what had happened is easy to relate to. He wants to analyse the situation like he would do in his job as a doctor. It is when he is looking for reasons why his son would commit the crime that the book is the most strongest.

I thought it was intriguing to have real life assassinations included in the book. It really added to the story and made you think. I think it’s well worth reading.

Would I recommend it?:

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