Novellas in-between books in a series. Do you like them?

I don’t know if it’s that I’ve just noticed it more now I’m a book blogger and I’m more aware of e-book novellas but there seem to be a lot of novellas in many series of books. Quite often you can find a 1.5 novella in-between the first and second instalment in a series. For example, Crossing The Line between Pushing The Limits and Dare You To in Katie McGarry’s Pushing The Limits series.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with novellas in this form. If it’s a series I absolutely love then I tend to really want to read the novellas because I want to drain every last bit of information about the characters and the series. Quite often novellas are told from a character’s viewpoint that you haven’t heard before which is great. This is especially the case when you absolutely love the secondary characters.

Novellas can be great for that extra tantalising bit of information about the series, but then they can be so frustrating because you want a full length novel on that character! Sometimes, novellas can be a bit pricy for what they are.

What are your thoughts on novellas in series? Do you love them? Hate them? Please feel free to share your thoughts!


11 thoughts on “Novellas in-between books in a series. Do you like them?

  1. I have read some novellas as part of a series before. In my opinion, most of the time it is a take it or leave it kind of situation. I have come across a slight few that made me want to see it extended to a full-on novel but for the most part, I usually am not a huge fan!

  2. 50/50 like/love for me too! I feel like sometimes they’re distracting and sometimes they add to the secondary characters so I guess it depends on what type it is and for what series. 🙂

    • I think I’ve bought one before I read Crossing The Line. I’m really torn between wanting to read Destroy Me, in the Shatter Me series, but I agree with you. It does seem in some ways to be a money making idea. Hmmmm.. I did however, love Crossing The Line.

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  4. I have so many mixed thoughts on novellas! In some cases I love reading them and getting just a little bit more on the story, but in other cases if I didn’t *know* there was a novella, I feel like I’m maybe missing out on a part of the story as well.

    My favourite novellas though are the ones in the Elemental series. Brigid Kemmerer does it so differently where the novella’s are small stories from the different characters and it helps to get into their heads. It never ADDs to the story, it just lets you see inside their heads.

    Also “Free Four” by Veronica Roth which was a scene within the book written from Four’s perspective. It is incredible and really makes you see the characters in a different way!

    Love the topic of this post 😀
    Faye 🙂

    • Hi Faye, thank you very much! Novellas are so confusing. I have mixed feelings about them too. I agree, that if you don’t know about a novella, sometimes it does feel that you’re missing out on a part of the story. I haven’t read the novellas you’re talking about, but I aim to try those series’ soon so I’ll keep an eye out for them. I’m definitely not against novellas. It’s great to see a different point of view from a secondary character which is something I LOVE.

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