It’s On! Interview with Katie Sise- Author of The Boyfriend App


I’ve recently had the pleasure of interviewing Katie Sise, the author of The Boyfriend App, a fabulous read which is out today. You can read my review of The Boyfriend App here.


What inspired you to write The Boyfriend App?

The Boyfriend App was a product of many brainstorming conversations with Brenda Bowen and my agent, Dan Mandel. At first I was hesitant—I wasn’t sure that I could get the voice down of a brilliant hacker. I’m not tech savvy—I’ve only recently figured out Facebook! But when I got a few chapters in, I felt Audrey come alive. I was hooked on her. I started to feel worried about her. I needed to keep writing to find out what would happen to her life.

How did you go about researching for The Boyfriend App? Are you as ‘geeky’ as Audrey is or did you have to learn lots about technology in order to write about it so well?

I’m glad you think the tech aspects were well written! That was one of the hardest parts. A programmer named Jason Scalia saved me. He taught me everything. He explained it in a way that I could understand. I got to the point where I would look forward to our phone conversations because he had such a way of bringing me into this secret world of programming and hacking. It’s fascinating! Now I like to kid myself that I could be a hacker, too. But then I can’t get a file to print, and I remember I’m not Audrey!

You’ve had such a varied career. What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Writing The Boyfriend App for sure! I loved working as a jewelry designer and a TV host, too. But seeing the hardcover of The Boyfriend App was definitely one of my favorite career moments ever.

If The Boyfriend App was made into a movie, who would you pick to play Audrey and Aidan?

Emma Roberts for Audrey. An unknown future-movie-heartthrob for Aidan! Where is he? He should email your blog with his photo and we can cast him! 

Now it’s time for some Quickfire Questions…

It’s On!

  • Favourite Author: Tana French
  • Favourite Place To Write:  Coffee shops. It reminds me of how much writing I did in coffee shops when I was in my early twenties, and how I used to think to myself: imagine if I could get paid for this?!
  • Favourite Fictional Character: Abigail Breslin’s character in Little Miss Sunshine
  • Favourite App: Any app that tells me where to go when I’m lost!

It’s Over!

  • What annoys you?: When people ride their bikes on the sidewalk and nearly crash into you!
  • The hardest thing about writing?: Writing is so public. You have to be brave enough to put your work out there where it can get torn down.
  • A fictional character you love to hate: Regina George from Mean Girls.
  • Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? If so, how do you get over it?: I love to write so much, and I have limited hours per day to do it, so when it’s go-time, I’m usually pretty good about cranking out the word count I want to hit that day. But when I feel stuck, I listen to music or watch a music video or a movie trailer. Anything that reminds me how much I love the entertainment industry gets me going again. Ultimately, I want to entertain people and I feel lucky that that’s my job. So a good reminder usually does the trick.

Thank you so much to Katie for answering my questions!  It’s been a pleasure discussing The Boyfriend App!

I’d highly recommend reading The Boyfriend App. It’s such a fun read. If you buy The Boyfriend App, email your receipt to and Katie will send you a signed bookplate to put into the book! This includes international readers!


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