The Man Who Rained


How did I get it?:
I bought it after loving The Girl With Glass Feet by Ali Shaw.


When Elsa’s father is killed in a tornado, all she wants is to escape – from New York, her job, her boyfriend – to somewhere new, anonymous, set apart. For some years she has been haunted by a sight once seen from an aeroplane: a tiny, isolated settlement called Thunderstown. Thunderstown has received many a pilgrim, and young Elsa becomes its latest – drawn to this weather-ravaged backwater, this place rendered otherworldly by the superstitions of its denizens. In Thunderstown, they say, the weather can come to life and when Elsa meets Finn Munro, an outcast living in the mountains above the town, she wonders whether she has witnessed just that. For Finn has an incredible secret: he has a thunderstorm inside of him. Not everyone in town wants happiness for Elsa and Finn. As events turn against them, can they weather the tempest – can they survive at all? The Man Who Rained is a work of lyrical, mercurial magic and imagination, a modern-day fable about the elements of love.


I really loved Ali Shaw’s first novel The Girl With Glass Feet. It was such a beautiful and unusual read. I was blown away by the writing and the imagination of the author. I didn’t love The Man Who Rained as much, but it was still an incredibly creative and descriptive read. I like a bit of a magical element in a book, I often find myself glued to the pages to find out what’ll happen next.

What stands out in Ali Shaw’s books are the descriptions. They’re so well written that you imagine yourself right there in the story observing it as a bystander not a reader completely outside the imagination of the author. Yet, the metaphors used don’t feel forced at all. It flows completely naturally and adds to the beauty of the story. The only thing that didn’t flow beautifully was the story as a whole. I enjoyed reading it but it felt like something was missing. I can’t quite pinpoint what.

The Man Who Rained isn’t as deep or poignant as The Girl With Glass Feet was, which is why I think I didn’t enjoy it as much. However, I do think it’s worth reading, even if you just read it to experience some beautiful writing and imagery.

Would I recommend it?:

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2 thoughts on “The Man Who Rained

    • Thanks Katja. I was surprised to find out that Ali Shaw is a man. I really expected him to be female given the type of story and the pretty covers! Perhaps I shouldn’t have judged an author by their book cover 😉

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