The Time Between


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Thirty-four-year-old Eleanor Murray is consumed with guilt for causing the accident that paralyzed her sister—and for falling in love with her sister’s husband. But when her boss offers her a part-time job caring for his elderly aunt, Helena, Eleanor accepts, hoping this good deed will help atone for her mistakes.

On the barrier island of Edisto, Eleanor bonds with Helena over their mutual love of music. Drawing the older woman out of her depression, Eleanor learns of her life in Hungary, with her sister, before and during World War II. She hears tales of passion and heartache, defiance and dangerous deception. And when the truth of Helena and her sister’s actions comes to light, Eleanor may finally allow herself to move past guilt and to embrace the song that lies deep in her heart…


This is the first book that I’ve read by Karen White. I really enjoyed the writing. It was particular smooth and incredibly easy to read.

The story is told through three different points of view which was interesting. They were all very well written and helped the reader to get to know the character well.

Eleanor was a brilliant character. She was strong, but consumed by guilt for the accident that made her sister disabled. Even though this had happened to her and she was dealing with the guilt, she still showed a great deal of strength and cared so much for her family. She definitely put her family before her own needs which is something a lot of people can sympathise with. I loved Helena, the older lady that Eleanor became a companion for. I didn’t find Eve, Eleanor’s sister, very likeable at all but towards the end of the book, I started to warm to her. I thought Finn was also a great character, it was easy to see why Eleanor fell for him and Gigi, his little girl was adorable!

The plot does sometimes seem a little slow in places, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

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