The Longest Holiday


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He’s smiling down at me with tears in his eyes as I say my solemn vow:
‘I, Laura, take thee, Matthew, to be my lawful wedded husband…’ I thought I would never feel like this about anyone ever again. Not after my first love… Not after the heartbreak and the loss and the trying to pick myself back up again… Then I met Matthew, and I know that he has my heart forever: my perfect, gorgeous, adoring Matthew. And then I wake up. And I remember that he’s not perfect. He’s so far from perfect that my heart could surely collapse from the pain that instantly engulfs me…

To say Laura is unlucky in love is an understatement. Her first boyfriend died in a horrific accident, and now she’s just discovered that her husband of six months has been hiding a terrible secret. Devastated and unwilling to face reality, she escapes on a girls’ holiday to Key West with her best friend Marty. But a deep and instant attraction to a sexy Cuban scuba diver takes her completely by surprise. When her two weeks in the sun come to an end, Laura doesn’t want to go home again. But she can’t run from real life forever. Can she?


Paige Toon is one of my favourite chick-lit authors. Her books are easy to read and I love how she brings back characters from other novels and mentions them in passing. Paige’s books are always familiar. The Longest Holiday wasn’t my favourite book by Paige Toon, but it’s still a good summer read.

The Longest Holiday starts with Laura going on holiday with two friends to get away from the betrayal of her husband. I particularly liked how it wasn’t just a story about friends having a good time and getting over the man quickly. Obstacles were put in Laura’s path both in Florida and at home. Some tough issues were dealt with. I thought Laura’s feelings were perfectly portrayed. It turned into a story of self discovery, working out what Laura wanted from the future. The characters were well written, but I didn’t really feel that I connected with them as much as I have done in previous Paige Toon books.

Most of the book is written from Laura’s point of view. Her indecisiveness about her situation came across as very real. A twist in the plot meant Leo, one of the main male characters, takes over and the reader hears the story from his point of view. I found this really interesting, and wonder if I would’ve enjoyed this book more if it had alternated between points of view.

As I mentioned before, this wasn’t my favourite Paige Toon book. I wasn’t sure where it was going, but then Paige does what she does so well, she turned it around with a dramatic twist which completely redeemed the book for me. I think The Longest Holiday is well worth reading, but I personally would recommend her other work before trying this one!

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