Once A Bad Girl


How did I get it?:
NetGalley- thanks to Harlequin Enterprises Australia.


It seems like a dream come true when whispers of a reclusive film star fallen on hard times meets Lottie Spencer’s ears. Desperate to save her family’s auction house, she knows that Hollywood memorabilia could be the answer to her prayers. Unfortunately, she’s about to find out that this client comes with strings attached – an overprotective son who will do anything to shield his mother from the prying eyes of the press. But Lottie is sure she can handle it.

If only being around a bad boy didn’t make it so hard to be good…


Usually I don’t tend to read books with covers like this, they just don’t scream ‘Read me!’ but when Jane O’Reilly got in contact and I read the synopsis I was intrigued! So I thought I’d check out Jane’s debut novel. I’m surprised to read it’s a debut novel because the writing is incredibly accomplished. The story is short, but action-packed.

The story follows Lottie and Josh. Josh comes from a famous family and Lottie needs a high profile client to secure her family’s auction house from closure. When she meets Josh though Lottie has a rethink about her plan of action. Josh seems like a ‘creep’. Josh is used to women using him to get close to his mother. When Lottie and Josh begin to interact they discover that they’re both determined people but also they’re equally attracted to one another. They begin to fake a relationship to benefit both of them. Lottie- to stir up interest in the auction house and Josh- to gain publicity for his club. Real feelings start to evolve which complicates things greatly..

Once A Bad Girl was an incredibly witty story. It’s fun and very flirty romance without going too over the top with steamy scenes. It has some touching emotional aspects too. I rooted for Lottie and Josh to be together. I would definitely read more from Jane O’Reilly in the future!

Would I recommend it?

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4 thoughts on “Once A Bad Girl

  1. Hi Chrissi,

    Romance is a genre that I don’t read on a regular basis, but occasionally I fancy reading something different for a change, so having a few books on stand-by, which have beeen recommended, is always a bouns. ‘Once A bad Girl’ is certainly heading for a spot on that list.

    Nice review, glad that you enjoyed it, even though you had reservations.


    • Thank you! I think it’s nice to sometimes step outside your comfort zone when reading. I did have reservations about this book, but I enjoyed it. It was quick and easy to read and didn’t require too much thinking! 🙂

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