Downside Up


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Ronni is totally bored. She lives in a crap, boring town with her crap, boring family, and all she wants is  to escape and have the kind of life she reads about in magazines. Sometimes Ronnie makes stuff up, just to keep things interesting. Not lies, exactly, more like massive, outrageous, whopping great fibs. The thing is, people have stopped believing anything she says – she’s turning into The Girl Who Cried ‘Beyonce is Totally My Cousin’s Best Friend’. Then one day Ronni gets knocked out in a head to head dodgem collision. When she wakes up, her life has been turned uʍop әp!sdn and nothing will ever be the same again . . .


I was recommended this book by Luna’s Little Library after she enjoyed it so much. It looked like a lot of fun, so I was happy to check it out. I thought Downside Up was a cute read. It’s set out in such an interesting way. It’s certainly not your average book!

The story revolves around Ronni, she’s not happy as her father has abandoned her family and she hasn’t heard from him since. She has four younger brothers, her mum and her nan at home. Her mum has fallen to pieces since Ronni’s father left. Ronni has stopped caring. She finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning, has got into trouble at school and just generally finds her imagination better than real life. (Don’t we all..!)

The book is so easy to read. Ronni is such a likeable character. She has her problems, but they completely make you fall in love with her. Downside Up is a funny book, but it has its emotional moments as well.

I have to mention the design of the book. It has thought bubbles, tweets, enlarged and tiny text. The reader also has to turn the book upside down and then sideways. All of this makes the book a very fun, quirky read.

I’d recommend it to people looking for a fun, quick, quirky read.

Would I recommend it?

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