Shadows On The Moon


How did I get it?:
Given to me by Luna’s Little Library


Trained in the magical art of shadow-weaving, sixteen-year-old Suzume is able to recreate herself in any form – a fabulous gift for a girl desperate to escape her past. But who is she really? Is she a girl of noble birth living under the tyranny of her mother’s new husband, Lord Terayama, or a lowly drudge scraping a living in the ashes of Terayama’s kitchens, or Yue, the most beautiful courtesan in the Moonlit Lands? Whatever her true identity, Suzume is destined to capture the heart of a prince – and determined to use his power to destroy Terayama. And nothing will stop her, not even love.


Zoe Marriott is one of my friend Luna’s favourite writers, so she was incredibly apprehensive for me to read this book. She didn’t want me to dislike it because she loved it so much. She needn’t have worried, because I thought Shadows On The Moon was an incredibly well written, intriguing read. Shadows on The Moon is a deliciously dark Oriental tale.

Shadows On The Moon is a loose retelling of Cinderella. There is nothing too Disney-esque about this story though. In this case, our Cinderella is a girl called Suzume, whose life changes when soldiers kill her father and her cousin. Suzume hopes that one day she will get her revenge.

What made Shadows On The Moon such a good read for me, was Zoe’s writing. I could really imagine the world, the characters were so well developed, with a strong, female protagonist. I cared about what was going to happen to Suzume. I think she was an incredibly likeable protagonist. I loved the idea of a shadow weaver. Suzume was able to make people see what she wanted them to see. Now, wouldn’t that be a handy skill to have?!

Shadows On The Moon is a fairly long read for a Young adult book, but it didn’t take me long to get sucked into it. It’s a well paced, exciting read with lots of things happening. Suzume’s life isn’t easy and plot twists often come along and shake things up a bit. There is the obligatory love interest. The love interest is Otieno, who is a fabulous character and their relationship grows and develops in a believable manner.

Packed with amazing characters, vivid scenes and incredible story-telling, Shadows On The Moon is a fabulous read that I think adults and teenagers alike would enjoy.

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

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