A Little Girl In My Room: Short Stories Collection


How did I get it?:
Borrowed from Bibliobeth. It’s not my usual genre, so I’m so surprised she thought I’d enjoy it!


A Little Girl in my Room & Other Stories is a collection of dark flash fiction by Claire Farrell. This book is Rated R: Adults Only. Some may find the themes addressed disturbing. Content includes child abuse, rape, suicide, murder and violence.

This dark fiction collection contains 12 short stories:

Skeleton in the Closet and Childlike Bride – What happens to the vulnerable when they are taken advantage of then abandoned?

A Friend – A lonely ghost bears witness to a Halloween prank that ends in tragedy.

Frozen and Frozen in Reverse – Parallel stories detailing an attack in the words of the victim and then the rapist.

Ready or Not – What’s your idea of hell?

Justice – The lengths the heartbroken will go to for justice… or revenge.

Forever Young – Sometimes regrets come too late.

Peace, Deals, A Great Day, A Little Girl in my Room – Four offerings of the supernatural kind.


Oh my goodness, this is a weird, scary and disturbing set of stories. They are incredibly controversial. I didn’t know a lot about them before I started to read them. I just had the book in my short story category on my Kindle. I felt like reading a short story, so went for A Little Girl In My Room. Okay, okay, I know the title enough should’ve warned me that I had some creepy reading to come, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so sick in places and utterly disturbing.

This book certainly isn’t for everyone. I think if it hadn’t been short stories that I knew would be over soon, I probably wouldn’t have continued reading them. Horror is not usually my genre. I have such an over active imagination and freak myself out easily.

Claire Farrell can certainly write a creepy, controversial, chilling story. So if that’s your thing that check out this short selection of stories.

Would I recommend it?:
Yes- if you don’t mind reading in quite graphic detail about controversial subjects. It’s not my usual sort of read, but I can’t deny that it was incredibly well done.

Reading next:
Don’t Want To Miss A Thing- Jill Mansell
(God bless chick lit!)

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