October Challenge: Read more books on my Kindle

I have an alarming amount of books on my Kindle left unread. I really need to start getting through them, so in the month of October, I have decided to ONLY read books on my Kindle. This is a big thing for me to do, as I love my ‘real’ books so much. However, I figure that if I dedicate a month to my e-reader, I’ll start to slowly get through the overwhelming amount of books on there.

I picked ten books to start with out of my TBR box.

Here are the first ten books I aim to read-

  1. The Return- Victoria Hislop
  2. Cutting For Stone- Abraham Verghese
  3. The Mystery Death of Miss Austen- Lindsay Ashford
  4. Code Name Verity- Elizabeth Wein
  5. Courtiers: The Secret History of Kensington Palace- Lucy Worsley
  6. The Apple: Crimson Petal Stories- Michel Faber
  7. Corrag- Susan Fletcher
  8. Dollhouse- Anya Allyn
  9. The Personal History of Rachel Dupree- Ann Weisgarber
  10. In Search Of Adam- Caroline Smailes

I shall round up how many books I managed to read at the end of October. With a week off work, I’m pretty hopeful that I’ll have lots of reading time.

11 thoughts on “October Challenge: Read more books on my Kindle

  1. Yikes! I don’t know if I could do a whole month of books off my kindle alone! I have plenty of unread on mine but sometimes I get tired of reading off a screen and have to go to real pages! Good luck!

    • Thanks! I know, it’s going to be SO hard to read just my Kindle alone. I do think I will have one real book, and that’s one for my comparing review that I do with my friend Luna. Other than that I’m going to try and be good and get some of my books on my Kindle down…

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I have some time off towards the end of October, so hopefully I’ll get through a lot of books. Putting in review books in-between too, but all on the Kindle!

  2. I don’t recognize any of these, except for Code Name Verity. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on them!

    And straight up Kindle? That’s a huge undertaking. I applaud your bravery!

    • Thanks Kayla! Hopefully I get you intrigued by some of these titles. I’ll still be reviewing my review books, and have one ‘real’ book to read for a feature I do on here with a friend, but other than that I hopefully will be able to manage my Kindle October. Only 30 days to go… Lol.

  3. I have a ton of e-books as well. I tend to forget about them, which is why they have a tendency to get stockpiled. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you manage your challenge! I know I get side-tracked, so am not sure I’d be able to stick with it. 🙂

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