Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week we’re given a topic to create a Top Ten list. This week the list is Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders.

Now I have a problem with this list. I am in the middle of so many series. I haven’t finished many series, so it’s going to take quite some time to put this list together. It has inspired me to try and get around to finishing some of the series I’ve started though, so that’s a positive thing!


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows J.K Rowling– I really didn’t like the epilogue, but I didn’t want to label it as one of the worst series enders, because aside from the epilogue I think it ended brilliantly. Just how I wanted it to.


Specials- Scott Westerfeld- Specials was one my favourite books out of the Uglies trilogy. I’m not including Extras. Conveniently forgetting about that book otherwise it would be in the worst series enders section.

MeridonPhilippa Gregory– I have a lot of love for Philippa Gregory. I loved The Wideacre Trilogy and this for me, was a brilliant ending!


Mini Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella– I really love the Shopaholic series. I’m not sure if this one is the last in the series, but she hasn’t brought one out for a while. So I’m going with it!


Boundless Cynthia Hand– I imagine for some people, this book is going to be on their worst series enders section. I think it really depends what ‘team’ you’re on. But for me, I ADORED Boundless, so it’s well worthy of a place of my best series enders list.

Somewhere in the middle:


Mockingjay- Suzanne Collins– This book falls somewhere in-between best and worst. I loved aspects of it and hated aspects of it. I found it a lot slower than the first two books.


Breaking Dawn Stephenie Meyer– I know that the Twilight series isn’t the most outstanding piece of literature, but for what it is, I think the final book in the series was okay. Not mind-blowing, but definitely not as awful as I was expecting, given some of the reviews.



The Summer Garden Paullina Simons- The Bronze Horseman series had two amazing books. I was left slightly disappointed with this one. I ended up hating a character I loved for the most part of the book!

The Other QueenPhilippa Gregory- I loved the Tudor series so much but I was left disappointed with this book, which is such a shame!

I’m throwing back to my childhood with the next book:


Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator Roald Dahl– I was so disappointed with this book as a child. I think Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is such a magical book that anything that followed was bound to be a disappointment.

Please feel free to leave a link to your Top Ten posts. I’m intrigued to see what series you have loved and/or disliked!

68 thoughts on “Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders

  1. I barely made it through the first shopaholic book, let alome a series. It was just too muxh for me. Great list, definitely a lot of new series I need to check out!

  2. I thought Mini Shopaholic was cute. But Becky frustrates me! Every book (and I’ll keep reading them as long as Ms. Kinsella keeps writing them) is the same in terms of she gets into a hole by spending money she doesn’t have… But I hope that her daughter ends up a bit more sensible than she is!

    Yet again I’m shown that I really need to read the Boundless series. I have the last book but need to read the first ones first! Great list Chrissi. And I agree- The Tudors series was better than The Other Queen.

    • Yes, I agree with you, it is becoming very predictable, so I hope Mini Shopaholic is the last in the series.

      I hope you do start the Unearthly series. Hallowed isn’t as good, in my opinion, but Unearthly and Boundless are brilliant.

      I’m glad you also loved The Tudor series by Philippa Gregory 🙂

  3. Why didn’t you like the HP epilogue, just out of curiosity? I really liked Mockingjay, so I was surprised by all the negative reviews for it. I had very mixed feelings about the last Twilight book, but I think I liked it a lot more after seeing the second movie. The fight scene that should have been, lol.

    • I thought it wasn’t a very powerful way to end the series. I thought it was nice that we knew where they were in the future, but for me, the end should’ve been the end of the battle, when the living were reunited.. not jumping ahead to the future. It just felt a bit out of place for me, but of course, this is my personal opinion. I’m really surprised that there are so many people that dislike Mockingjay. I didn’t find it amazing, but certainly not bad.

      • Yeah, I can see what you’re saying. It was a little disorienting to jump from seventeen year old Harry to thirty six year old Harry, lol. I think the author was trying to go for closure, but at the same time it might have been better had it been left to the imagination. I loved Mockingjay, except for the death of my favorite character *sobs* and what happened with Gale.

  4. I’ve only read Mockingjay, and Breaking Dawn, and I agree that they’re somewhere in the middle of bad and good series enders. There were things I liked and disliked about both of them. More so Mockingjay, because I LOVED The Hunger Games series, and the ending kind of left me a bit BLEH. I didn’t care too much about Twilight, except for the fact that Bella didn’t get with jacob – which I knew would never have happened anyway, haha 😛

  5. Haha I did not forget about Extras in the Uglies series and I did have to include it in worst endings. I don’t know why he wrote that book! Specials was a great ending to what definitely should have been a trilogy.

  6. I’m somewhere in the middle with the Hunger Games. I can’t settle on liking it or disliking it. I forgot about Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator- that was such a letdown for me as a kid. I don’t think I ever even finished the book I was so disappointed with it.

  7. I have copies of the Wideacre books sitting here — have to read them! I’ve enjoyed a lot of Philippa Gregory’s books (including many of the Tudor books), but it’s been a while since I’ve read anything by her. Interesting that you mentioned Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I also remember being let down by it (and kind of scared of the space snake things) as a kid. A few years ago, I read Charlie & the Chocolate Factory to my son, and it was so much fun that we decided to read the Great Glass Elevator. Well, I had to stop after a couple of chapters — not only was it not very fun, but I was totally turned off by an early chapter that was nothing but awful ethnic jokes. I hadn’t remembered the book that way from my childhood, but as an adult, it was quite a shock to come across that in a kids’ book!

    • I really like Philippa Gregory’s writing. I think there’s only been one of her books that I didn’t like, and that was because it was so odd!

      Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator was just such a disappointment for me. I work in a school, and I’ve had to read it a few times when we’ve gone through our Roald Dahl collection. I just hate reading it to them, because they all look so bored. Compared to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.. it’s just so inferior!

  8. Great list. Some of these books I haven’t heard of, Specials is on my list too, but as a worst, only because I’m a stickler about books that just end…with no glimpse as to how the characters survive later.

    My TTT

  9. Haven’t read the series on your worst list *phew*. I seriously need to read Boundless already! I own it for goodness sake. Definitely before 2013 is over *crosses fingers* Oh, and Harry Potter ❤ 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  10. Interesting list! I’ve seen both Boundless and various Uglies books on many lists, now. I’ve never read either, but kind of want to, just so I can have an opinion. 😀 Thanks for visiting my blog this week! Happy Tuesday!

  11. Hmmm, I think I remember Specials frustrating me. The way the romance went back and forth from book to book made me want to kick things. I don’t remember much else though, so I didn’t include it. Haha.

    I’m in the middle on THG too, and HP.

    *sets The Summer Garden on fire*

  12. I actually did not like Breaking Dawn because it still left so many things unanswered.
    I loved Harry Potter book 7. It made me want to throw the book at times but overall I loved it.

  13. Mockingjay was in my middle too! I’m leaning more towards good now, but when I first read it, I was pretty upset with it! My re-read helped 🙂
    Harry Potter. Just epic! (Although I had issues with the epilogue haha)
    Great list! I’ll have to check out some of your other favorites 🙂

  14. Breaking Dawn is really popular this week, no wonder I wasn’t interested in reading it or watching the movie. The Shopoholics is my favorite series too, though I really need to finish it. Great list, Chrissi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  15. I was just looking at Sophie Kinsella’s website yesterday hoping for news of another Shopaholic book or something else to be released but there was nothing. I really hope we haven’t seen the end of Becky Bloomwood!

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is definitely one of the best series endings I’ve read. I did wish at the time that there was more of a wrap up of the current storyline rather than an epilogue set 19 years later. Here’s to hoping that J.K. Rowling will write another book set in the world of Harry Potter whether it is about Harry’s parents or earlier centuries of students…

    • I would love to see Becky again, I just hope she’s grown up a bit! She was always getting herself in the same mess. It was amusing though and so good to read! I really hope J.K Rowling does write something more in the Harry Potter world!

  16. I remember staying up so late to finish the last Harry Potter book. I could not put it down! I loved the ending to that series. I also agree with you on Breaking Dawn. It wasn’t my favorite of the series, but it was alright. The ending was a bit anticlimatic.

  17. Ha! It’s too bad we feel so differently about the UGLIES series! I was just ready for a break from Tally, I think. Thanks for sharing your list, and for visiting my TTT!

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