Comparing The Butterfly Novels by Denise Deegan


Hello everyone, this is a slightly different ‘compare’ post from Luna and myself as we’re talking about a complete series of books not just one. The books in question are the Butterfly Novels by Denise Deegan. So let’s start:

LUNA: I read these books last year (thank you Luisa Plaja for recommending them) and was put through the emotional wringer. Since then I’ve been trying to get everyone I know to read them but be perfectly honest, when you first saw the books what did you think?
CHRISSI: I received them in a lovely package from yourself. I have to admit, I was put off by the covers. I thought they’d been really ‘young’ books with not much depth, when in fact, they are beautifully written books that I think readers from teenage to adult would enjoy.

LUNA: The paperbacks are only published by Hachette Ireland at the moment; so if you had seen them in a shop would you have picked them up?
CHRISSI: They wouldn’t have immediately drawn my eye. I think if I’d taken time to read the synopsis, then I may have picked them up.

What did you think of Alex, Sarah and Rachel? How did this change with each book?
CHRISSI: Alex was my favourite character. I really felt for her throughout all of the books. Rachel seemed a bit boring at first, but that changed when I got to read her story. I think the biggest transformation for me was Sarah. I really didn’t like her in the first book and didn’t think that would change at all. However, I think I felt the most emotionally for her out of all of the characters.

LUNA: I loved Alex from the first book and Rachel was nice (maybe a little boring) but Sarah was my least favourite that is until I read her story and now I adore her.


E-book covers. Click on the images for my reviews.

CHRISSI: And For Your Information was both of our favourite books of the series. Why do you think this particular book resonated the most with us?
LUNA: I think it’s because Sarah is such a relatable character. She is friends with Alex and Rachel but feels like the third wheel, her family has fallen apart and Sarah feels abandoned and alone. Also the story in And For Your Information is so powerful. I read it last year and I still get all emotional when I think about it.

Best thing about the Butterfly Novels?
CHRISSI: The writing was absolutely amazing. I was so surprised I felt so much for these characters. Unfortunately it doesn’t often happen to the extent it did with the Butterfly Novels, but when it does I know a really good writer has completely captured my attention.

LUNA: Apart from the writing, the stories and amazing character development? Not to mention the emotional rollercoaster each books takes you on… I guess that each book surprised me by being so much more than I original expected.

Worst thing?
CHRISSI: As I mentioned, if I had seen the covers in a shop I wouldn’t have been immediately drawn to them. It’s such a shame because inside those covers are some AMAZING characters and powerful stories.
LUNA: The covers, well mostly the And For Your Information one. I was so glad Denise asked me to re-design them for the eBooks.

If you had to compare the Butterfly Novels to other contemporary reads, what would they be?
CHRISSI: Ooh, it’s hard. I can’t really pinpoint a specific author, but if you like emotional, well written reads then these will definitely be the books for you. I guess the closest comparison I can think of is Katie McGarry.

LUNA: I think anyone who liked/loved The Fault In Our Stars by John Green will adore And For Your Information. For And By The Way I’m tempted to say Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry works as comparison and for the last book in the series, And Actually, I think Cherokee Brown by Siobhan Curham.

CHRISSI: I loved Alex, Sarah and Rachel as characters, but I was also intrigued by their boyfriends. Would you have liked to have read something from their point of view?
LUNA: Yes, especially Louis. Maybe we can bride Denise Deegan with Jelly Tots…

Paperback covers, click for Luna’s reviews.

LUNA: What do you think of the new eBook covers & blurbs?
CHRISSI: I really like them. I think they’re definitely eye-catching and they’re better than the girls. Nothing against the girls, it just makes the books look quite ‘young’, when I think they appeal to a wider range of people!

Favourite character / moment?
CHRISSI: Why must I answer this question?! I really liked Alex and Sarah. But I guess I ended up feeling more for Sarah and that surprised me, because she certainly wasn’t a character I liked in the first book. Denise Deegan really made me change my mind about a character. That rarely happens to me.

LUNA: Sarah, while she really doesn’t make a great impression in the first book. She comes across as flakey and annoying but after the first chapter of And for Your Information Sarah made sense. Not only that but I sympathised with her so much that I spend most of the book blubbing. If I could have I would have crawled into the book to hug Sarah.

Would you recommend the Butterfly Novels?
CHRISSI: Without a doubt! I think they’re brilliant!

Which is why I’ve been working my butt of trying to promote these, I need to say that I volunteered to all this work. Nobody came to me offering money – I want to do this because I think the Butterfly Novels are that good.

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