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This is the first book in a major new series. “Lost” meets “Gossip Girl”. I jump at the sound of a whispered voice over my shoulder. But when I turn all I see is sand, and the towering, green wall of the rainforest. I guess it must have been the breeze, but I can’t help shivering. I have the weirdest feeling we’re being watched. Grace Delaney and her fellow dance students are en route to perform on a South Pacific cruise-ship when a freak storm hits and they find themselves stranded on a deserted island. With the tropical heat rising, passions and tensions swell to breaking point. And the island itself is quietly steaming with a terrible secret . . . Shipwrecked is a heartpounding new series from rising star Siobhan Curham. Combining romance, mystery, secrets, betrayal and even voodoo in a steamy, tropical island setting, these books for teens promise to set the pulse racing.


My first experience of reading Siobhan Curham’s writing was the fantastic Finding Cherokee Brown which was recommended as a book that my friend Luna and I compared. See our review HERE. Luna went on to read Shipwrecked and I remember reading how much she enjoyed it. It was an automatic must buy for me. I’ve finally got around to reading it and I’m so glad I added it to my basket. Shipwrecked is an intriguing, easy to read book.

I wasn’t sure what to make of the whole Lost meets Gossip Girl statement. I’m a huge fan of Gossip Girl… Lost not so much. The plot of Shipwrecked grabbed me immediately though. I found it completely unpredictable which is always nice. It kept me reading, devouring page after page. I found Siobhan Curham’s writing in Shipwrecked quite chilling. It was completely different to Finding Cherokee Brown, which shows just how talented a writer she is. I’m so glad Shipwrecked is a series, because it ended on quite a cliff-hanger and I NEED to know what happens next to these characters.

Siobhan Curham has definitely become one of my auto-buy writers. I can’t wait to read what she writes next, and in the meantime I’ll be sure to check out Siobhan’s other work!

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