Frost Hollow Hall


How did I get it?:
I bought it!


The gates to Frost Hollow Hall loomed before us. They were great tall things, the ironwork all twisted leaves and queer-looking flowers. And they were very definitely shut.

Tilly’s heart sinks. Will’s at the door of their cottage, daring her to come ice-skating up at Frost Hollow Hall. No one goes near the place these days. Rumour has it that the house is haunted . . . Ten years ago the young heir, Kit Barrington, drowned there in the lake. But Tilly never turns down a dare.

Then it goes horribly wrong. The ice breaks, Tilly falls through and almost drowns. At the point of death, a beautiful angel appears in the water and saves her. Kit Barrington’s ghost.

Kit needs Tilly to solve the mystery of his death, so that his spirit can rest in peace. In order to discover all she can, Tilly gets work as a maid at Frost Hollow Hall. But the place makes her flesh crawl. It’s all about the dead here, she’s told, and in the heart of the house she soon discovers all manner of dark secrets . . .

Frost Hollow Hall is a thrilling historical fiction debut. Told in Tilly’s unique voice, it is a tale of love and loss, and how forgiveness is the key to recovery.


This book has been recommended to me by so many people that I bumped it up my to be read list. It was on my radar already as I had heard good things about it across the blogosphere. I decided that I wanted to read it before Christmas, as it has that real wintery vibe about it. I’m thoroughly glad I read it because it’s a fantastic, easy to read story. Emma Carroll’s debut is incredibly established. It’s hard to believe that it is her debut!

The story is told by a strong protagonist Tilly. She goes skating with the butcher’s son Will at the spooky Frost Hollow Hall’s lake. Tilly doesn’t realise that she is literally skating on thin ice. Soon, the ice begins to crack and Tilly plunges into the icy waters of Frost Hollow Hall’s lake. Tilly desperately tries to get out of the lake, when she begins to give up hope, she sees a boy who guides her to the age of the lake, where Will can then pull her up and take her to Frost Hollow Hall to recover. Tilly meets Lady Barrington who lost her son Kit to the ice/lake 10 years ago and Mrs Jessop the housekeeper. Tilly begins to work at Frost Hollow Hall but finds there are spooky goings on. Tilly wants to find out why Kit is still earthbound and isn’t ready to move on yet.

I thought Frost Hollow Hall was an engaging, beautiful read. I was so impressed with Emma Carroll’s writing. It felt like I was inside the book watching the scenes play out. I loved Tilly as a protagonist. Emma Carroll is definitely on my radar for authors to watch out for!

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

Reading next:
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