The Rosie Project


How did I get it?:
NetGalley- thanks to Penguin Books


Love isn’t an exact science – but no one told Don Tillman. A thirty-nine-year-old geneticist, Don’s never had a second date. So he devises the Wife Project, a scientific test to find the perfect partner. Enter Rosie – ‘the world’s most incompatible woman’ – throwing Don’s safe, ordered life into chaos. But what is this unsettling, alien emotion he’s feeling?


I’d heard so much about this book before I requested it on NetGalley. Looking up the reviews definitely made me want to read it. It has now been selected for a Richard and Judy Spring Read 2014 which is a book club. I’m not surprised it has been picked as I think it’s a brilliant book which would appeal to many people. I didn’t quite think it was a five star read, but I still think it’s a lovely, sweet, unique love story with a little detective twist.

The Rosie Project follows Professor Don Tillman who is a postdoctoral researcher working in the genetics field. Don covers a lecture on the genetic aspects of autism for his friend and colleague Gene. We find out that Don himself, obsessively orders his own life and has difficulty forming relationships. In order to find a partner he starts ‘The Wife Project.’ He develops a questionnaire to identify a suitable wife. This person has to be an intellectual, a non-smoker and also share similar interests to Don. Gene introduces Don to Rosie. Rosie is a barmaid in a gay bar, completely opposite to what Don is looking for. Rosie is a result of a one night stand and she’s looking for her real father. Rosie and Don embark on ‘The Father Project’, a genetic search to try to find her father!

The Rosie Project is full of funny and touching moments. Don repeatedly misreads social situations and Rosie completely changes his world. Rosie and Don are engaging characters. I felt for both of them and wanted the best for them both. I don’t think it’s completely a true account with someone with autism, so if you’re looking for a book about autism then don’t read this one! (Alternatively, if you are looking for a great book about autism, then I would recommend The Reason I Jump!)

This is a quirky, fun read which I think is definitely worth taking a look at.

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

4 thoughts on “The Rosie Project

  1. I have seen this book around, but I hadn’t read any reviews of it. I am glad to hear it is a fun book. I think an inaccurate portrayal of autism would drive me crazy though. I think I am going to need to steer clear. Thanks for the review.

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