Top Ten 2014 Debuts That I’m Excited For


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they come up with a list for us to complete. This week it is Top Ten 2014 Debuts That I’m Excited For.

This is when I realise that I don’t know many 2014 debuts. That’s awful! I tend to only just realise it’s a debut when I begin it or when I research the author. I need to be more on it and realise what is releasing! Luckily I’m taking part in the Debut Author Challenge this year, so this list was made so much easier for me.  The Story Siren has put together a Goodreads list which is super helpful and has made me aware of SO many books I want to read. Oh dear.

Click on the book image to get to the Goodread’s page.


Side Effects May Vary Julie Murphy– I’ve seen this about quite a lot recently and each time I want to read it a little more. I’ve heard so many good things about it. I think it’s going to be an emotional, but good read.


Something RealHeather Demetrios– After reading the synopsis of this book, I really want to read it. It sounds brilliant.


Cruel BeautyRosamund Hodge– I was recently recommended this book. I have seen it about quite a bit now, so it’s certainly beginning to grab my interest.


The Half Life Of Molly PierceKatrina Leno– Loads of other bloggers seem to want to read this book and I’m definitely jumping on the bandwagon. I’m intrigued!


Far From You- Tess Sharpe– Again, I’ve noticed this book around blogs. Blogging has been dangerous for my TBR pile! 😉


Trust Me, I’m LyingMary Elizabeth Summer– I love the cover for this. It’s what initially pulled me in.


Liv, ForeverAmy Talkington– This book sounds intense! My sort of read!


The Truth About AliceJennifer Mathieu– This book isn’t my usual sort of read, but it sounds intriguing!


The Secret Hum Of A DaisyTracy Holczer- I was intrigued by the cover. It’s quite plain, but there’s something appealing about it. It sounds like it’s going to be a good read.


Evidence Of Things Not SeenLindsey Lane– This sounds like a really unique read. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

What 2014 debut are you looking forward to? Please feel free to leave your links in the comments section below and I’ll come and visit your blogs… and no doubt add to my TBR!


64 thoughts on “Top Ten 2014 Debuts That I’m Excited For

  1. Yessss I so, so, so want to read LIV, FOREVER. Especially the second I saw she had a blurb from E. freaking Lockhart, I knew I needed it in my life! I’ve heard wonderful things about SECRET HUM, and SIDE EFFECTS and FAR FROM YOU are both great!

  2. I skipped TTT this week! I had a hard time with the topic — I can’t really decide if I’m excited about a debut until I read a bit… oh well. I do have review copies for a few of the books on your list, so maybe I should have gone with those! I’m looking forward to reading Cruel Beauty, Side Effects May Vary, and Far From You. Enjoy!

  3. Cruel Beauty and Side Effects May Vary are on my list too! Side Effects May Vary sounds very emotional yes, but still very amazing. It’s a very unique concept and I really can’t wait for it! Cruel Beauty is on my radar thanks to seeing some good reviews for it. Trust Me, I’m Lying is also a book I want to read this year, although I forgot it for my list. The cover is also what drew me in!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about not realising a book is a debut until you’ve started it – I had to go through my TBR shelf on goodreads and try and figure it out, which was frustrating.

    Cruel Beauty is already on my TBR, but a lot of these others look interesting too, and I’ll definitely be checking them out! I definitely agree with you about the cover for Trust Me, I’m Lying: it jumped out at me from your post instantly!

    Hope you get to enjoy lots of these this year!

  5. Your list looks great! We’ve got a few of the same on our lists, great minds think alike! The Secret Hum of a Daisy looks interesting, and I totally agree, the cover is really pretty. Evidence of Things Not Seen looks REALLY GOOD too. Your list is no good for my ever growing TBR pile! 🙂

  6. I keep forgetting about The Half Life of Molly Pierce!!! It sounds AMAZING, but for some reason my brain keeps disconnecting the title/cover from its synopsis, and I always see it and think, “Oh, I don’t know what this one’s about…” O_o Anyway, yeah, it sounds INCREDIBLE. You’ve also got a few on here I hadn’t heard of yet! Secret Hum of a Daisy, and Evidence of Things Not Seen… definitely going to check those out. 😀

    • I’m really excited about The Half Life of Molly Pierce! I hope you enjoy it, if you remember to read it! 😉 Glad you’re going to check some books out, I’m intrigued to read all of these!

  7. Side Effects May Vary and Far From You are sooo on my list as well! I did forget to add The Half Life of Molly Pierce though… which is too bad since I only came up with 7 today *sighs*
    I missed quite some books on my list… Ah well, reading all your lists makes up for it!
    You have a Great List!

  8. I’m definitely going to have to check out Cruel Beauty – I’m seeing it on a lot of lists this week. Side Effects May Vary is on my TBR list – I didn’t realize it was a debut. Far From You – woohoo!!! I know the author! LOL, yes, I am totally name dropping! Great list!!

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for the return visit. I agree, some brilliant books are on their way! I’m really excited about Liv, Forever and Trust Me, I’m Lying. The latter has such a great title and cover!

  9. Great list! I’m super excited for a lot of these too, especially Side Effects May Vary. I can’t wait to read my ARC of that, it looks so good. Some of these are new to me and I am definitely going to be checking them out on Goodreads.

  10. Yay! Far From You is on my list too! It just sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
    Oooh, ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’ and ‘Evidence of Things Not Seen’ both sound amazing! I haven’t heard of them before but I’ll definitely be adding them to my TBR now.
    Great list! 😀

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