The Savages


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What happens when the teenage daughter from a family with extreme tastes in meat-eating starts dating an outspoken vegetarian? Sasha is smitten by Jack, and wishes her parents would approve. For Titus and Angelica, it’s one more challenge in creating a stable home for their brood. While angelic baby Katya is set to cut her teeth, their son struggles at school. Ivan does his best to be accepted, but that’s tough when he’s been secretly raised to become the ultimate hunter gatherer. Welcome to the world of THE SAVAGES – a breed apart from your average household, here’s a darkly delicious treat for anyone who s ever been embarrassed by their own flesh and blood.


I was recommended this book by Luna from Luna’s Little Library. She basically recommends a hell of a lot of books to me. My sister is another great one for recommendations. Aren’t I lucky to have such great bookish people in my life? Well, anyway, I really enjoyed this book. It was unique, with quite dark comedy. I often found myself smirking. Thank goodness I wasn’t reading it out in public. I certainly would’ve got some strange looks..

The Savage family are a normal looking family but they have a massive food-y secret! I absolutely loved the family, even down to the youngest child in the family. I think the only character I didn’t massively connect with, was Jack. He wasn’t a ‘bad’ character as such, he was just quite bland compared to the other exciting characters.
The Savages is full of food jokes at the expense of others outside of the family. It feels like you know the family, that you’re in on the secret.

The Savage is an intriguing, unique read. It doesn’t take long to read at all.

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8 thoughts on “The Savages

  1. Never heard about this book before, sounds interesting and different from what I usually read. I think I will check it out one of these days. It’s always nice to change a bit once in a while. πŸ˜‰

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