Who Framed Klaris Cliff?- Mini Review


How did I get it?:
Received from Oxford University Press in exchange for a honest review. Many thanks to them!


People used to call them ‘friends’ and said how they were good for your brain. And then a day came when all that changed . . . when they became our enemy.

Now, anyone found harbouring a rogue imaginary person is in for the Cosh, an operation that fries your imagination and zaps whatever’s in there, out of existence.

That’s why I wish Klaris Cliff had never shown up. And why I know that proving her innocence is the last hope I have of saving myself.


I thought Who Framed Klaris Cliff? was a completely original read. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. It’s incredibly quirky. The chapters are short and sharp, so it’s very easy to read and to continue reading once you’ve began. I can’t believe it’s Nikki Sheehan’s debut novel. From reading it, I assumed she’d had many works published!

Who Framed Klaris Cliff? explores imaginary friends, family life and imagination. It’s aimed at middle grade students and I think it gives the reader plenty to think about and discuss. I was impressed by Nikki Sheehan’s writing. It was engaging, original, touching at times and fun to read.

Would I recommend it?:

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