This Dark Road To Mercy


How did I get it?:
NetGalley- many thanks to Random House UK/Transworld Publishers


The critically-acclaimed author of the New York Times bestseller A Land More Kind Than Home returns with a resonant novel of love and atonement, blood and vengeance, involving two young sisters, a wayward father, and an enemy determined to see him pay for his sins

When their mother dies unexpectedly, twelve-year-old Easter and her six-year-old sister Ruby are shuffled into the foster care system in Gastonia, North Carolina, a town not far from the Appalachian mountains. But just as they settle into their new life, their errant father, Wade, an ex-minor league baseball player whom they haven’t seen in years, suddenly appears and wants to spend more time with them. Unfortunately, Wade has signed away legal rights to his daughters, and the only way he can get Easter and Ruby back is to steal them away in the middle of the night.

Brady Weller, the girls’ court-appointed guardian, begins looking for Wade, and he quickly turns up unsettling information linking Wade to a recent armored car heist, one with a whopping $14.5 million missing. But Brady Weller isn’t the only one hunting the desperate father. Robert Pruitt, a shady and mercurial man nursing a years-old vendetta, is also determined to find Wade and claim his due.


The synopsis of this book immediately grabbed me. I just had to read it! I like to balance the genres I read, going from adult fiction to Teens/YA and almost everything in between. This book is a mystery/thriller in the adult fiction genre. I thought it was a quick and easy to read book. I wasn’t blown away by it, but I enjoyed it all the same and I think it’s worth taking a look at, if you’re intrigued by the synopsis.

This Dark Road to Mercy is about sisters whose mother passes away suddenly. They are put into care. Their father shows up, some time later, and although he signed his rights away when he left them, he decides he wants them back. The officials don’t allow it, so their father decides to take them anyway. The trouble is, he’s made a lot of enemies and it’s not just the court-appointed guardian of the girls that’s looking for him.

The book alternates point of view. The reader hears from Easter, the eldest of the girls, Brady- the court-appointed guardian, and Pruitt, the man who is after Wade, the girl’s father. I’m not always the biggest fan of books switching point of view, because I often find that the voices aren’t distinct enough. This was the case for me with Brady and Pruitt. I often had to go back and check whose point of view I was reading. That didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book though, I just had to be incredibly focused when I was reading it.

This Dark Road to Mercy is a promising read. I’d definitely read more from this author.

Would I recommend it?:
Yes! – 3.5 stars

Reading next:
Destination Unknown- Amy Clipston

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