The Drowning


How did I get it?:
I bought it!


What happens if you’ve done something terrible? But you can’t remember what. And you don’t know how to put it right …When Carl opens his eyes on the banks of a lake, his brother is being zipped into a body bag. What happened in the water? He can’t remember And when he glimpses a beautiful girl he thinks he recognizes, she runs away. Suddenly he knows he must find her – because together they must face the truth before it drowns them.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, having never read a book by Rachel Ward before, but oh my goodness, I was blown away! It probably wasn’t the best time to read this book, considering the UK is suffering with storms/flooding. It terrified my very over-active imagination. It’s a sign of a good book though. Especially the fact that it scared me, but I continued reading. Usually if a book scares me, I stop reading. Yet, something kept me reading The Drowning. I devoured it in no time at all.

The Drowning is an unsettling, but compelling story of what happens when Carl wakes up on the banks of a lake to see his brother being zipped into a body bag. He can’t remember a thing. Memories slowly come back to him. The only other person who may have known what happened is a girl called Neisha. As Carl’s memories come back, he becomes utterly confused about what happened. He doesn’t understand how Neisha was involved or what actually happened. The reader is left feeling confused as well. Everything is a muddle. Carl is an unreliable narrator, I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. Was he heavily involved in the death of his brother? Carl didn’t even know.

Carl deals with a lot of guilt. He’s grieving his brother, but begins to feel like his brother was a very bad person. Carl starts to believe that he played a part in his brother’s death, but he’s not getting many answers from Neisha, his brother’s girlfriend. Carl’s mother is an alcoholic, and they are living in incredibly bad conditions. What’s more, Carl is being haunted by his dead brother, who wants to punish both Carl and Neisha, using the form of water. This is from a dripping tap and the unrelenting weather (which of course, the UK are currently experiencing. It made reading this book incredibly eerie and atmospheric!)

I wasn’t expecting such a creepy story. It made me shudder at many times. Reading it in such stormy weather was terrifying. I kept looking around me as Carl experienced the damp seeping into his bedroom. It was such a fantastic idea for a book and creepy to think of something evil lurking in the water.

What’s brilliant about this book, is that the reader can take from it, whatever they want. Is Carl being haunted? Or is he just suffering from the guilt and grief?

I am definitely going to read more from Rachel Ward. I think I’ve just found a new favourite author!

Would I recommend it?:
Of course! 4.5 stars

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6 thoughts on “The Drowning

  1. lol I wouldn’t have thought about the weather but now that you mentioned it this is going on my wishlist to be read when the sun comes out! It will come out again won’t it?????? Great review hon!

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