How did I get it?:
Received from Random House Children’s Books- many thanks to them!


A girl, who was born on the day her brother Bird died, has grown up in a house of silence and secrets; when she meets John, a mysterious new boy in her rural Iowan town, and those secrets start to come out.


I received this in my Random House goodie bag. I was intrigued by it, it’s cute and the cover is simple and stunning. I heard quite a few rumbles about it. One particular person that was singing its praises was the lovely Luna. Usually we have very similar taste, but we have began to realise that some books we feel completely different about. That’s fine with me, I don’t have to like what she does and vice versa. However, I really, really wanted to like this one because she waxed lyrical about it. I’m happy to say that I thought Bird was a spectacular book. It really touched me.

When Bird died, his sister Jewel was born. Her grandfather stopped speaking and the family were left grieving, grief that never seemed to be coming to an end. Jewel’s parents blamed Grandpa for Bird’s death. This stemmed from Bird’s real name being John, but Grandpa said he looked more like a Bird. Bird took himself to the cliff one day, to see if he could really fly. He couldn’t.

One aspect of this book that really grabbed me was Crystal Chan’s writing. Even from the first sentence, I was utterly gripped. It didn’t take me much longer to fall in love with Jewel. She’s a fantastic character. She was lonely, yearning for love from her parents, but she was also strong too. I loved being inside her mind and experiencing her thoughts. She was often hopeful and always thought such beautiful things. I loved that all of Crystal Chan’s characters were flawed. It was realistic, especially because the family had experienced such tragedy.

Bird is a mysterious read. It kept me turning the pages, because I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. I didn’t know if her new friendship could be trusted. I was intrigued by the duppies (I’ll leave it for you to learn about them), I loved how the Jamaican culture was explored. All in all, it just had such a wonderful plot and an engaging setting. I found it hard to put it down, but I made sure I did, so I could have a moment to reflect.

Bird is a brilliant debut novel. I can’t wait to read what Crystal Chan writes next, because if she writes books this beautiful again, I’ve certainly found a new favourite author!

Would I recommend it?:
Without a doubt!

Reading next:
Dead Silent- Sharon Jones

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