Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s list is Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader.  Here are my reasons for loving being a blogger/reader.

Every reader/commenter/liker/follower/whatever-

If you’ve ever looked at my blog then I appreciate you.  I think Lucy from Queen of Contemporary sums up my thoughts on supporting fellow bloggers beautifully HERE.

The bookish people I’ve met-

I went to my first event last year. I’d already met Luna, as she’s been a friend for years, but I also met some lovely bloggers. I just love being around like-minded people. It didn’t matter if we all discussed books, because that’s clearly what we all adore.

Discovering new books-

My to be read pile has exploded since becoming a blogger. I’ve always had a lot of books that I want to read, but it’s insane how much I’ve added to my TBR pile since visiting other bloggers. I’m not complaining. I’m happy to find so much awesome! 😉

Expanding the genres I read-

Once upon a time, I only used to read chick-lit. My sister Beth despaired. Since blogging, I’ve definitely opened my mind to other genres. I never thought I’d like dystopian books, science-fiction or even horror. I constantly surprise myself with what I enjoy. Thank you blogging/bloggers.

Blogger recommendations-

This one fits in with expanding the genres I read, but I love blogger recommendations so much I thought I’d give it it’s own section. A huge majority of the books I read have been recommended to me by fellow bloggers.

Lovely authors-

I know that this isn’t always the case, but the experiences I’ve had with authors has been brilliant.


I love talking about books with fellow bloggers. I get some fantastic book recommendations. Nothing makes me smile more than a tweet from an author too.

Reading takes me into another world-

Sometimes real life gets tough and I need an excuse to forget what’s going on. Books can often take me away and sometimes that’s just what I need.

Reading distracts me on long journeys on when I’m travelling alone-

I suffer from anxiety. Rather badly. When I have a book with me, it stops me from panicking. I can take my mind off the journey or the fact I’m alone. I’m grateful for that.

Top Ten Tuesday

Last, but by no means least, I love Top Ten Tuesday. I adore going to look at other blogs and interacting with other bloggers. I also find this meme really makes me think about my reading.

How about you? Why do you love blogging/reading? Feel free to link me to your Top Ten posts or your blogs and I’ll come and visit!

80 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

  1. I thought my TBR list was huge before I started blogging–I had NO IDEA! But what a great problem to have, right? Some of the best books I’ve read lately have been introduced to me by blogging buddies.

  2. I agree with all of your points too! Especially those about getting recommendations and expanding the genre. I’ve gotten to add so many more books to my TBR list from book blogs. And, of course, Top Ten Tuesday too.

  3. I love when books distract me, when I get so invested I forget where I am. 😀 It’s perfect for trips, or waiting rooms! 🙂
    And yes to bloggers, friends, commenters etc.. 🙂
    New books and bookish recs are great as well!
    Happy reading!

  4. Love your list! The community is great, and without blogging I’d definitely would’t have heard about some of the awesome books I’ve read. I whole heartedly agree. 🙂

  5. TRUTH about car trips and traveling! Audiobooks have become my best friend on my commutes to campus and work! And when we are driving on roadtrips, I read in the car! It is a beautiful hobby, reading. =)

    Thanks for stoppin’ by! Have a great week!

  6. Totally agree about the long-journey distraction! I’m thankful for the travel-time as an excuse to read, AND reading as a means of diversion on what could otherwise be a grueling trip. Thank goodness for books!!

  7. Huge yes to all of this. Having formed such strong relationships with bloggers, authors, and anyone else in the community all over the love of books is one of the most amazing things about blogging. I appreciate everyone in this community so much.

  8. I forgot to put TTT on my list! Taking part in this has been so much fun and I’ve really connected with some great bloggers over the last month (still a newbie lol). 😀

    Totally agree with your reasons especially that reading books can take you to another world – sometimes I really need an escape and reading (and blogging too) is great for that.

  9. Yay! I love your list, it is full of pure awesomeness! My ten are pretty similar I think (except I’ve never met a blogger in real life, well, apart from my sister but she lives across the hall so I don’t think it counts). I really love the blogging community. Everyone can be so supportive and…crazy. BOOK OBSESSIONS FTW.

  10. Expanding our genres is a great one! I’m definitely trying new authors, books, and genres much more now that I’m blogging — and even though not everything appeals to me, it’s been eye-opening to discover that I do like certain types of books that I never would have expected! Great list.

  11. I dislike traveling and get very nervous about it. Either across town on public buses or across country, so I totally get your reasoning for loving books while traveling. Certainly a way to soothe the nerves and pass the time.

  12. I really like this list! I’ve only been a blogger for a months but it’s been an AMAZING journey so far. I had never really used Twitter before I started blogging, but now it has become a way for meet other authors/bloggers and find useful information. My to-read list has also exploded since I started blogging – and like you, I’m perfectly fine with that.

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