Comparing ‘Little Celeste’ by Dawn McNiff



Eleven-year-old Shelley only leaves her bedroom for two minutes, but when she gets back, there’s a real, true-life, lavender-eyed baby on her bed. It’s far too noisy, smelly and heavy to be a ghost baby – so whose is it? It can’t be her mum’s – Shelley would have noticed – but it’s not like she’s around for Shelley to ask, anyway. She’s too busy trying to get her horrible ex-boyfriend Scott (‘the Toadstool’) back, who Shelley definitely does NOT like as much as her mum does.

But someone’s got to look after the baby, and give her a name. ‘Celeste’ sounds good (in fact, it sounds kind of magical) and so Shelley and little Celeste embark on some rather messy adventures, gain some new friends and realise that maybe some wishes can come true after all…

Click on the image to get to Luna's blog!

Click on the image to get to Luna’s blog!

Thoughts before you started reading Little Celeste?

CHRISSI: Sounds really cute!

LUNA: Sounds adorable.

What did you think of Shelley?

CHRISSI: I thought she was adorable. She was easy to love, as the book progressed I started to really feel for her.

LUNA: I thought Shelley was pretty easy to love, I didn’t like her all the time but understood why she did the things she did. Her narration reads like that of an eleven-year-old, which worked for me but might not be for everyone.

Best bit?

CHRISSI: I think that Dawn McNiff has written this book. It’s a short read, but it’s heartfelt and powerful. I just wanted to reach inside the book and save Shelley.

LUNA: Towards the end of the book (when Shelley is sick) I thought Dawn McNiff really pulled the heartstrings; I was all torn up for this little girl. Little Celeste is a cute/fantastical read for the most part, but ever so often I needed something to hug.

Worst bit?

CHRISSI: Like Luna, I really didn’t like Shelley’s mother.

LUNA: Not worst-as-in-bad, but Shelley’s mother really frustrated me.

Favourite character / moment?

CHRISSI: I didn’t really have a specific favourite character or moment. I was pulled in and captivated by the story.

LUNA: I loved Jay and Jay’s dad.

Was Little Celeste what you expected?

CHRISSI: I was expecting something unique and quirky. I feel that’s what I got from Little Celeste.

LUNA: Yes, it’s Hot Key Books so I’m normally guaranteed good reading.

Would you recommend it?

CHRISSI: Of course!

LUNA: Absolutely

Expected publication: April 3rd 2014 by Hot Key Books

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