This Is What Happy Looks Like


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If fate sent you an email, would you answer?

It’s June – seventeen-year-old Ellie O’Neill’s least favourite time of year. Her tiny hometown is annually invaded by tourists, and this year there’s the added inconvenience of a film crew. Even the arrival of Hollywood heartthrob Graham Larkin can’t lift her mood.

But there is something making Ellie very happy. Ever since an email was accidentally sent to her a few months ago, she’s been corresponding with a mysterious stranger, the two of them sharing their hopes and fears. Their developing relationship is not without its secrets though – there’s the truth about Ellie’s past… and her pen pal’s real identity. When they finally meet in person, things are destined to get much more complicated. Can two people, worlds apart but brought together by chance, make it against all the odds?

Spanning one fateful summer, Jennifer E. Smith’s new novel proves that life – and love – are full of unexpected connections and happy mistakes.


I wanted to be blown away by this book, but unfortunately I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, This Is What Happy Looks Like, is a decent enough read, but it’s not spectacular. It’s a lot lighter than The Statistical Probability… but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just think I connected more with Jennifer’s debut novel.

I thought the book was set in a beautiful place that I could imagine really well. The descriptions of it, were brilliant. I pictured such a lovely, quaint town where everyone knew everyone… (don’t we all know places like that?)

The characters in this book are cute. Ellie is easy to relate to, although she does come across as quite boring, she’s likeable enough. I think the stand out character of this book is Graham. He may be a movie star, but he hasn’t been sucked into the limelight. He actually shies away from it. He’s still level-headed, down to earth and completely normal. I thought he was a perfect love interest. The relationship between Ellie and Graham was sweet, but I would’ve loved to have read more emails between them. I really liked those sections of the books. They were modern, fresh and easy to read.

Although I wasn’t blown away, I think that many people will enjoy this cute, romantic read. I think my younger self would’ve devoured it!

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14 thoughts on “This Is What Happy Looks Like

  1. I would have enjoyed more emails as well! I LOVED the prologue. I wasn’t blown away by this book either. But unlike you, I liked Ellie more than Graham πŸ™‚ not sure why, but he seemed boring to me rather than the other way around!

    Nevertheless, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Statistical Probability…so I might give that a go.

    • Good to know what you thought of it though. It’s nice to disagree sometimes. I don’t know why I connected more with Graham than Ellie. I definitely think The Statistical Probability is the better out of the three!

  2. I liked This is What Happy Looks Like, but not as much as Statistical, either. I actually think I often have a hard time connecting to Smith’s characters. I like them, but I’m not that invested in them.

    But yay for a character named Quinn!!

  3. Great review! I definitely need to read more of Jennifer E. Smith’s writing and now I’m more convinced than ever that the Statistical probability should be the next πŸ™‚ Glad that this book was still enjoyable though!

  4. Completely agree. I was so excited to read this book and was very disappointed. I felt like it could have been so much more then it was. I also didn’t like the ending, it just kind of stopped. Wished I had gotten it out of the library rather then spent my money on it 😦

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