Fruit of The Lemon


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Faith Jackson fixes herself up with a great job and the perfect flatshare. Neither are that perfect. Furious when her parents retire to Jamaica, she makes her own journey there. Here she is enfolded in her Aunt Coral’s endless talk of ancestors, stretching back to Cuba, Panama, Harlem and Scotland.


Fruit of The Lemon is a well written piece of adult fiction. The protagonist in this story is Faith. She lives in England, but she is born of Carribbean parents. Faith’s parents came to England from Jamaica. Faith’s life changes when her parents decide to return to Jamaica to retire. Faith’s life had began to fall to pieces, so it was decided that Faith would go to Jamaica too to stay with her aunt Coral.

Fruit of The Lemon is told by different narratives including Faith’s life in England and also stories related by her family members. Faith learns a lot about her family history as she hears the stories from her relatives. The book is told in two halves. The first half solely focuses on Faith’s life in England and the racism that she encountered.

I thought Andrea Levy had carefully and beautifully portrayed some interesting characteristics of individuals and also stereotypes that we see so often. I’ve seen many times that some people can’t comprehend that a black person can be born in England. I could completely recognise this! Andrea Levy really does carefully show the racism and prejudice that Faith deals with. Faith really is struggling to find her own way and identity in society and I think it’s great that Fruit Of The Lemon sensitively deals with this.

If you enjoy cultural stories that focus on identity and where we call home, I think you’d enjoy this book!

Would I recommend it?

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