Welcome Caller, This Is Chloe


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I bought it!

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Goodbye Rebel Blue


Big hearted Chloe Camden is the queen of her universe and loved by all until winter break of her junior year. That’s when her BF shreds her reputation and her school counsellor axes her junior independent study project. Forced to take on a “more meaningful” project in order to pass her junior year, Chloe joins her school’s struggling radio station where she must team up with a group of misfits who don’t find her too queenly. Ostracised by her former BFs, lonely Chloe throws herself into the radio station where she ends up hosting a late night call in show that gets the station much needed publicity and in the end, trouble. She also befriends radio techie and loner Duncan Moore. On and off the air, Chloe faces her loneliness and helps others find the fun and joy in everyday life.


Welcome Caller, This Is Chloe is a book I picked up at Foyles, (over a year ago- oops!) that Luna said I had to read because it was just a fun, easy read. Me being me, of course picked it up. I don’t need much persuading. I’m terrible! I haven’t got around to reading it yet, because my to be read pile is ridiculous. I decided to pick it for this months Luna’s Picks feature. I’m glad I did, because I’ve read some quite intense books this month so far. I was in need of a lighter read for sure and this book fit that need nicely.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Chloe at the start. She’s one of those characters that isn’t easy to get on with from the start. I don’t know what it was about her. I just found her a little annoying and shallow. I learned to really like her though. Chloe is a fun character. She finds herself isolated by her two best friends and everyone else at school. Chloe is forced to become involved with the school’s radio station where she met ‘outsiders’. It was when Chloe made friends at the radio station that the reader really began to see some depth to Chloe. She’s quirky and always likes to look on the bright side of every situation.

Although this is mainly a lighter story, it does deal with some serious issues, although they don’t overshadow the story. Chloe’s mother and her Gran are having a feud and Chloe is stuck between them. Chloe’s Gran is also suffering with Parkinson’s Disease, so the reader sees the roles reversed and Chloe caring for her Grandmother. It was lovely to see such a close relationship between grandparent and grandchild. It’s not often that we see grandparents in young adult reads.

I did enjoy reading Welcome Caller, This Is Chloe. It was a decent read to lighten my day and put a smile on my face.

Would I recommend it?:

A quick and enjoyable Young Adult read. It definitely put a smile on my face!

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