Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling Me That I MUST Read


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s list is Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling You That You MUST Read. It was hard to keep it to ten!

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Most of these books have been recommended by either my sister Beth, Luna, my non-blogger but avid reader friend Rachel, Jim and others are just intriguing as so many bloggers love them!

Fifteen BonesR.J Morgan– Jim brought this book to my attention. I’m reading it soon and I’m very excited to get to it!

Sweet EvilWendy Higgins– A while back I had a discussion post about religion in literature. This book was recommended to me in the comments by the wonderful blog Overflowing Bookshelves.

Throne of GlassSarah J. Maas– I need to read this book. There is so much hype surrounding it, and every time I mention that I haven’t read it… I get very shocked looks! Eek!

If You Find MeEmily Murdoch- I have heard that this book is brilliant. I hope to get to it as soon as I can!

Maybe SomedayColleen Hoover– Everyone seems to love this book and the playlist that comes with it. Intrigued!

What’s Left Of MeKat Zhang– A lot of my favourite bloggers seem to adore this book. I need to read it!

A Monster CallsPatrick Ness– I’ve recently been bought this book for my birthday (which is today actually, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!) I can’t wait to read it! I’m thinking of reading it ON my birthday as it’s something I’ve been anticipating for a long time now.

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar ChildrenRansom Riggs– So many people love this book and I’m so intrigued. I’ve been told to read it so many times now. I’ll be getting to it this month as part of my Luna’s Picks feature!

The OriginalsCat Patrick– This book was recommended to me by my friend Rachel. It does sound fantastic!

The Green Mile- Stephen King– My sister Beth, is a massive Stephen King fan. I’ve read Carrie on her recommendation, but this is another one she really wants me to read!

Who are the book pushers in your life? What books have you been told you HAVE to read? Leave me your links to your posts and I’ll stop by!

72 thoughts on “Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling Me That I MUST Read

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! WOO you must celebrate with cake 🙂 unless you can’t eat cake. In which case just eat something yum.

    Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is…interesting. I loved the photos but the plot was really boring for me. And I was a bit “meh” for Throne of Glass, but Crown of Midnight was AH-MAY-ZING. 😀

    • Ooh thanks Emily! I shall definitely celebrate with some cake later. And maybe buy some books! 😉 How can I resist?

      I keep hearing that Crown of Midnight is even better than Throne of Glass. I’m really going to have to jump on Throne of Glass soon.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a lovely day. 🙂

    Throne of Glass is an awesome series! Miss Peregrine’s looks amazing and it’s definitely on my TBR list.

  3. Ooh yes! I’ve read a few of these, and definitely agree that you need to read them, especially Throne of Glass, which I LOVE!

    • Oh yes, nearly finished it and the tears are brewing! Not the lightest pick but I wanted to read it for so long! I wish I’d read your warning first 😉 Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  4. It’s so fun to read people’s lists. I usually take recommendations from my friends seriously (even if I don’t like the books I think it tells me something about their personality) so there are a number of book pushers in my life.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sweet Evil is one of those books that make me wary in reading it, and weird thing is I don’t even know why. I also want to read Throne of Glass! So many people raving about that series.

    I have not read the Harry Potter books, and my friend likes to constantly bug me about it. Yeah.

    Here’s my TTT!

    • Thank you Miguel. I am so intrigued by Sweet Evil. I hope to read it soon. I definitely have to jump on reading Throne of Glass soon. So excited about it. I wonder if you’ll ever read Harry Potter. I grew up with it, so it’s a massive deal for me.

  6. If You Find Me is REALLY good! It’s hard to explain, but it’s a lot different from most of the contemporary YA that’s been getting published over the last 2-3 years. It’s pretty emotional and dark, but also really happy at the same time.

  7. YES. Read ToG. I’m actually not sure if it’s a book you will love or not? I usually see more contemporary on your blog, so it’s hard for me to gauge. If you want heavier character development/badass assassinery than I would point you to the novellas first. If you want the swoony men and general overview of the story, ToG is the best place to start!

    • I do tend to read more contemporary. I loved Shadow and Bone which surprised me, so I’m somewhat hopeful for Throne of Glass. I’m so not sure whether to read the novellas first or not though.

  8. Oh yes, you must read Throne of Glass! BUT I’d actually recommend reading the prequel novellas first because they give you important information about Celaena and her past. And of course, I can’t recommend A Monster Calls highly enough. It is the most gorgeous, poignant book.

  9. The only book I read on your list was Miss Peregrine’s, which I can say was pretty good. I haven’t gotten to the sequel yet because I’m just not motivated too haha. And YES Throne of Glass! It seems that everyone who hasn’t read it has it on their list!

  10. I really need to read so many books on your list! Sweet Evil, Maybe Someday, A Monster Calls, Miss Peregrine’s… I need more hours in the day to read 😀 I’m reading Throne of Glass at the minute, and OMG it’s so good! So far, it’s definitely living up to the hype 🙂

  11. Oh dear, I haven’t read any of these books! Though I’ve heard so many good things about A Monster Calls and Patrick Ness in general. Miss Peregrine is living in my Kindle, so I’ll get to her soon!

  12. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a great celebration today! And I’ve heard so many good things about A Monster Calls, so I bet you’ll have a great time reading it today! I too have heard so much about Throne of Glass, but it’s one of those books that I’m scared to read because of the hype!

    • I’ve seen the movie, but not read the book yet, which is unusual for me. I do love Colleen Hoover’s writing. I hope you enjoy her writing too, if you do pick up one of her books! 🙂

  13. Eyyyy happy birthday–I think Veronica Roth’s birthday is also today, so that’s cool!

    I saw that you’ve started (or finished?) A Monster Calls…what a day to be reading the book too! There’s definitely a lot of hype surrounding Throne of Glass as of late and I’m iffy if I want to start the series now with only the 3rd book being released this fall (I think it’s 6 books in the series?!)

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

    • Thank you Joey! Ooh good to share a birthday with an awesome author! I have indeed finished A Monster Calls, it wasn’t the happiest choice for a birthday read, but I devoured it all the same! I think I will start Throne Of Glass. I just hope the hype lives up to it!

  14. Chrissi!!! Remember how well Legend worked out for you??? NOW LISTEN AGAIN AND READ THRONE OF GLASS!!! The hype is worth it!

    This is said in absolute love, by the way ❤ (but seriously – read the book!)

  15. I just picked up a copy of The Green Mile at a used book store this past week! I love Stephen King, but this is one I’ve never read (and I’m really excited about it!) A Monster Calls is just so beautiful and heart-wrenching, and I really had fun with Miss Peregrine. Great list! I hope you find at least a few here to enjoy!

  16. I just got Hollow City from the library. I didn’t LOVE Miss Peregrine’s, but I still feel the need to find out what happens in the series. The pictures get forced at times and that’s basically what my problem was with the book. I would also like to read a Patrick Ness book. Maybe I’ll wait and see what you think of A Monster Calls 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT

  17. I have Sweet Evil on my shelf but I still couldn’t get myself to read it, hope it will be good anyway. I completely forgot A Monster Calls but it was recommended to me too in more than one occasion. I wanted to add Maybe Someday to my list too but then I decided that Hopeless is the better choice because it’s recommended all the time.

    The only book I’ve read from your list is The Originals and I really loved it which is a big deal because I don’t really read sci-fi.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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