Stacking The Shelves #84: The Birthday Edition!

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Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves, be it buying or borrowing. From ‘real’ books you’ve purchased, a book you’ve borrowed, a book you’ve been given or an e-book they can all be shared!

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This week I celebrated my birthday, so you’ll see quite a few books this week! 😉 First up though.. review copies.


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 Ooh the covers of these two books go together quite nicely! I really liked the sound of these two books, so I decided to request them. I haven’t read a book by Nova Ren Suma yet so I’m very intrigued…

Hot Key Books: 

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The second book in the Vivian Apple series has just been released, but I somehow missed reading Vivian Versus The Apocalypse, so Hot Key Books kindly sent me the first book. I’m also so excited about This Book Is Gay by the wonderful Queen of Teen James Dawson. I’m actually thinking of reading this book very, very soon as I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it.

And now for the birthday gifts I received this week!

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Stolen- Lucy Christopher– I’ve heard so much about this book that I just HAVE to read it!

Infinite SkyC.J Flood– Another book that I’ve heard amazing things about, so what better time to pick up a copy!

AwakenKatie Kacvinsky– This book sounds so intriguing. It’s about living in a world where everything is done by computers. Is it just my thinking or could this totally become possible?!

Anna Dressed In BloodKendare Blake– I’ve been avoiding this book as I thought it might be a bit too scary for me, but I’m assured it’s creepy not too scary?

Throne of GlassSarah J Maas– I do have a copy of this book on my Kindle, but I figured if I’m ever going to get around to it and ignore the hype I needed a physical copy. Then it’ll stare at me until I read it!

The GiverLois Lowry– Is it some sort of blogger crime to admit that I haven’t read this book? I’m very much looking forward to it though. I like to read a book before I watch the movie.

Isla and The Happily Ever AfterStephanie Perkins– Yep, I’m admitting another crime, I haven’t read Lola yet. It’s on my radar to read soon though, so obviously I need Isla in my life!

EnchantedAlethea Kontis– I’m actually surprised that my friend Luna hasn’t pushed this book on me before, but now she knows I have it, perhaps it’ll be a Luna’s Picks choice soon! Whenever I get to read it, I’m excited. It sounds fantastic. I love me a fairy tale!

What I Didn’t SayKeary Taylor–  I saw this book recently on a Hannah’s Top Ten list about books including mental illnesses/disabilities etc and immediately added it to my wishlist!

The Disappearing GirlHeather Topham Wood- This was another recommendation from Hannah’s list!

Ugly LoveColleen Hoover– I still need to read Maybe Someday, but I was happy to have this for my birthday!

Evertrue- Brodi Ashton– My sister was a sneaky one and heard me saying how much I wanted this final book in the Everneath trilogy after I finished Everbound during her recent visit. She ordered it to arrive on my birthday to add to her lovely gift of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and some beautiful pamper stuff!

What have you added to your shelves this week? Please feel free to link me to your hauls. Also, if there’s anything in my haul that you think I should read ASAP let me know!


46 thoughts on “Stacking The Shelves #84: The Birthday Edition!

  1. Anna Dressed in Blood! Definitely not very scary! I’m wary of scary books and I didn’t have problems with it at all, and I love that the protagonist is a male! I’ll think you’ll enjoy it, it’s unique and has enough worry dialogue to make up for some of the slightly creepy stuff, but it’s really not very frightening!

  2. Yay! Throne of Glass! I really hope you enjoy it. Isla looks so adorable and I really want to read it. 🙂 Anna Dressed in Blood looks amazing and I really like the cover. I hope you enjoy your books. 🙂

  3. Love and Other Unknown Variables sounds like a fun read! 🙂

    Belated Happy Birthday! I’m betting you had fun seeing the gifts you received.
    Enjoy your new books! Thanks for stopping by my stack Chrissi. ❤

  4. Happy Birthday! Oh, so many good books! I loved Throne of Glass, I just finished it yesterday, and to me, it lived up to all the hype. Hope you love it too! I have Anna Dressed in Blood, but I’m thinking of saving it for October, with Halloween and all 🙂 Hope you love all your new books, happy reading!

  5. Happy birthday! I got Throne of Glass this week too, and I hadn’t heard of This Book is Gay but I will definitely be checking it out now. Enjoy them all!

    Jillyn @ Bitches n Prose

  6. Happy birthday! You got so many awesome books. I absolutely loved What I Didn’t Say. I really liked Throne of Glass, but I personally think the novellas and Crown of Midnight are a lot better. I still need to read Maybe Someday. Colleen Hoover is an amazing author. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your new books! Have a great week.

  7. It looks like you made a SERIOUS haul for your birthday. I’m reading the third book in the Awake series by Katie Kacvinsky now. I’ve really enjoyed all of her books. I also just finished reading Everneath and need to catch up in that series. I will be anxious to see your review of Evertrue. The Giver is another one that I really need to read.

    What was the other name of Little Bee?

    Thanks for stopping by my STS!!

  8. Happy birthday! You’ve got an amazing haul! Throne of Glass!!! 🙂 I have fallen in love with that series, I am desperate to get my hands on the fourth book. I recently read Ugly Love and really enjoyed it. I have also just got Love and Other Unknown Variables and I think that looks really great, excited to find the time to read it. I hope you enjoy your books 🙂

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