Mini-Review: The Opposite of Love


How did I get it?:
NetGalley- thanks to Albert Whitman & Company


Rose is the wild girl nobody really knows. Chase is haunted by his past. Both are self-proclaimed “disappointments,” attracted to each other enough to let down their defenses. When Rose’s strict, adoptive parents forbid the relationship, it only makes things more intense. But Chase can’t hide from his own personal demons, and Rose has secrets of her own. After they’re wrenched apart, a cryptic email arrives in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, beginning a desperate pursuit and a look back over their tumultuous romance. Will they find each other before the night is over, or will they be torn apart forever?


I thought that The Opposite of Love started really well, but unfortunately it didn’t continue to be as good as it started. Although I did finish this book, I haven’t rated it highly, but I do think some people will really enjoy these book. For me it didn’t have as much depth as I wanted from the story.

The story centres around Rose and Chase who are disappointment to their parents. Rose was supposed to be the perfect adopted daughter, but she’s rebelling against her adoptive parents. Chase tries not to be like his abusive father, but sometimes he fails. Rose and Chase find each other and find that they actually depend on one another.  

The Opposite of Love is a story about family and teenage love/lust. It’s about dealing with heartbreak and becoming strong enough to move forward.

Would I recommend it?:
It’s not for me!- 2.5 stars


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