Beth and Chrissi Do Kid-Lit: Swallows and Amazons


How did I get it?:
I borrowed it from Beth!


The Walker children – also known as Captain John, Mate Susan, Able-Seaman Titty, and Ship’s Boy Roger – set sail on the Swallow and head for Wild Cat Island. There they camp under open skies, swim in clear water and go fishing for their dinner. But their days are disturbed by the Blackett sisters, the fierce Amazon pirates. The Swallows and Amazons decide to battle it out, and so begins a summer of unforgettable discoveries and incredible adventures.


This is the first time that I’ve read Swallows and Amazons, but I’d heard a lot about it from my sister and a few of my friends who had fond memories of the book. Last month’s Kid-Lit challenge saw Beth and I reading The Swiss Family Robinson another adventure tale. I have to say that I found Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons much more readable, but I don’t think it’s a series that I would necessarily continue with.

Swallows and Amazons is based around a group of children who are at and around a lake for a few days. They find lots of adventures on Wild Cat Island. I don’t want to spoil the plot for those that haven’t read it yet but it certainly is action packed with enough in the plot to satisfy a young reader. I’m not so sure that there would be enough in the book to satisfy an older child as children’s literature in the present day is often magical, fantastical and fast-paced. I do think that many young readers would find something enjoyable in the text. It would definitely make for a nostalgic read for those adults who want to reminiscence,

I really enjoyed Arthur Ransome’s writing style. It was straight to the point and simple. It wasn’t trying to be something clever. It was like Arthur Ransome had stepped into the mind of a child at the time which it was written and  explored what could be there!

For Beth’s fabulous review, check out her blog HERE

Would I recommend it?:

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