Beth and Chrissi’s Points of View on Point Horror #1 The Perfume

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Happy Halloween everyone! Every so often Beth and I will be revisiting Point Horror, a series that we loved as young adults. On each of our blogs, we will post our Points of View on the story. We are starting with The Perfume on my blog and Thirteen Tales of Horror, a short story collection on Beth’s blog! We hope you enjoy our trip down memory lane…



Dove doesn’t want to buy the perfume. She doesn’t like its scent. And its name frightens her.

But somehow she can’t help herself. It’s almost as if something–or someone–inside her is forcing her to try it.

Dove was always a nice person, a sweet and gentle girl on whom friends could rely.

Until now.

Because when Dove puts on the perfume, she unleashes a part of herself that has been locked away all her life.

It is a second self she never knew existed.

And it is Evil.

Our thoughts?


  • This book is dark! I read it with a completely different understanding being older.
  • It’s addictive and almost reads like a psychological thriller.
  • It surprised me how short this book was, but how much impact the story had on me. I vividly remember it from childhood.
  • Although this book was published in 1991, I still think it is relevant to present day young adults. It’s also incredibly nostalgic for those that grew up with the series!


  • This story will always be a bit special to me as it inspired me to write a short story of my own whilst at school.
  • It holds the first suggestion of schizophrenia that I’ve seen in a young adult read.
  • Wing is evil. Evil! She’s a brilliant villain to dislike.
  • Some people have criticised Dove as a character for being too weak but I think she grows stronger and comes into her own as the story continues.

For our points of view on 13 Tales of Horror, please check out Beth’s blog HERE

7 thoughts on “Beth and Chrissi’s Points of View on Point Horror #1 The Perfume

  1. There have been a few point horror reviews popping up on the interwebs lately and i cannot express how happy they have made me. These were THE novels to read when I was a kid. I think I worked my way through about 80% of them. I’m really glad to hear that they stand up to a re-reading as an adult too. 🙂

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