Gone Girl: From Book to Film Adaptation

I recently went to watch Gone Girl, the film adaptation which has been in the cinema for a while now. I’m never sure whether to watch a film adaptation or not, especially when it’s one of a book I really enjoyed. My review for the book can be found HERE.

I thought the casting was spot on. Ben Affleck played Nick, a choice I wasn’t overly sure about, but my preconceptions were wrong. He was well cast.

I think the star of the film though is Rosamund Pike, who plays Amy SO well. I forgot what a psychotic character Amy is. Both characters are mucked up, by Amy…wow. She’s terrifying. Rosamund really portrays that aspect of Amy’s character astoundingly well.

Gone Girl is hard to discuss without spoiling the film or book, so I won’t go there. I will say, that Gone Girl is rated as an 18 at the moment. This is because of strong language, strong sexual content and violent scenes.

I think Gone Girl is well worth watching (and reading!)

7 thoughts on “Gone Girl: From Book to Film Adaptation

  1. I was sooo impressed by Rosamund Pike, I have to say. I wasn’t sure that she’d be able to pull off Amy, but she managed it. I wasn’t sure about the casting of Neil Patrick Harris as Desi though. He felt too comical for the role…

  2. I’m glad you thought that it was a good adaptation! I only watched the movie, so I couldn’t really judge it much because I didn’t read the book, but I thought the movie was excellent! (also is that snow on your blog????)

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