The Visitors


How did I get it?:
Bookbridgr- many thanks to them!


Adeliza Golding is a deaf-blind girl, born in late Victorian England on her father’s hop farm. Unable to interact with her loving family, she exists in a world of darkness and confusion; her only communication is with the ghosts she speaks to in her head, whom she has christened the ‘Visitors’. One day she runs out into the fields and a young hop-picker, Lottie, grabs her hand and starts drawing shapes in it. Finally Liza can communicate.

Her friendship with her teacher and with Lottie’s beloved brother Caleb leads her from the hop gardens and oyster beds of Kent to the dusty veldt of South Africa and the Boer War, and ultimately to the truth about the Visitors.


I have had my eye on The Visitors for a while now. The cover is so simple, but there was something about it, that made me want to read it! I’m glad that I got my hands on a copy, as I thought The Visitors was an incredibly accomplished début that I can imagine many historical fiction fans devouring. The Visitors does fit into many genres though including romance, a slight mystery and a slice of paranormal.

The Visitors centres around Adeliza who emerges into adulthood at the end of the Victorian era. Adeliza is deaf-blind and she’s trying to find her way in a world that she feels incredibly isolated from. It is through the help of a friend that her world begins to open up.  The characters within this story are intriguing and easy to like.

I thought this was a stunning read. It was incredibly atmospheric. If you’re not a fan of paranormal reads, I wouldn’t let that put you off. It is the paranormal edge that creates the atmosphere- it’s never anything scary. I found it to be one of the most gripping elements of the story.

Would I recommend it?:
Yes! 3.5 stars

An incredibly accomplished, atmospheric début!

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