Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s list are our Top Ten Things We Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books.

So here are my opinions on romance in books!

5 Things I Like

  • Witty/quirky characters!
  • Commitment-might be a funny one to like, but I don’t like reading about cheaters or liars.
  • Believable romance- it builds over time or you can feel the connection between the characters.
  • ‘Old fashioned’ love- just a traditional, no complication romance. Lovely.
  • The supportive best friend- I love it when the characters have the support of their best friend. That’s what we all need!

5 Things I Dislike

  • I think this will be a popular one… LOVE TRIANGLES. Urgh. They’re just so over used now. I get bored. I roll my eyes. It’s just too much.
  • Insta Love. Enough said.
  • The massive misunderstanding. It might just be the books I’ve read, but I swear every romance book I’ve read has a big misunderstanding in one way or another. Most of the time it’s resolved and they all live happily ever after…
  • Unfaithful characters- This goes hand in hand with my like of characters that are committed to one another. I don’t like reading about romances when a character is unfaithful. I just find it uncomfortable.
  • Domestic violence- Don’t get me wrong, I know this happens and I don’t mind reading it if the book is tackling the issue in a sensitive manner- but if there’s manipulation/abuse/violence and it’s trivialised… now that I hate.

What do you like/dislike about romance novels? Feel free to leave a link to your posts and I’ll stop by!

68 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

  1. I also hate instalove and domestic violence being shrugged off. Some of my likes included couples who were friends first and storylines involving children. I had to go back and add an extra item to this week’s list, since I temporarily forgot how much I appreciate a realistic first-time sex scene.

  2. Love quirky! I love quirky if it’s romance or something completely different. I read first and foremost for characters – everything else second. Domestic violence is something I can’t stand – and I didn’t even think of it when writing my list. The stories where a scene starts out as almost rape but then turns the corner.. it’s just so icky and unromantic to me

  3. I could not agree with you more about the “massive misunderstanding” trope! It feels like I wasted time reading when the plot or romance is centered around a “mistake” that gets rectified at the end of the book (especially when it’s a case of someone not telling their partner something!)

  4. What do you think about insta-love versus predestined loves? Like fates involved, or reincarnation. I understand dislike of insta-love, but with some paranormal creatures such as wolves I understand the falling fast because wolves mate for life.

  5. I 100% agree! I am a HUGE FAN of traditional romance. Just nice, REALISTIC romances where two people are attracted to each other, start dating then start overcoming real obstacles in order for their love to remain.
    The massive misunderstanding kill me so much!!! Why does it take a whole 300 pages worth of my time to solve this. I just want get to the mushy parts!
    Love the post Chrissi! TOTALLY AGREE
    (u got me fangirling, 😉

    • Haha! Why, thank you! 😀 I love a traditional, realistic romance and wish I could read more of them. I’m so glad that you agree with massive misunderstandings. They’re so frustrating!

  6. Ugh, I hate love triangles and insta-love too! And I’m not a hugh fan of bad boys, like how these girls keep falling for bad boys and then believe they can be the one girl to change them. The worst thing is that they usually are the only girl who can change them which gives young girls the idea that they can fall for a bad boy, and then he’ll change because he loves them so much. Rubbish. Fall for nice guys, nice guys finish first.

    – Love, Felicia

  7. Old-fashioned all the way! I think it’s so sweet when you read about a couple that genuinely likes each other for who they are and are willing to stick around and support each other without all the drama and fuss. So lovely! ❤

  8. Hi. I always love your list. I agree with you on all points in your like list and two points in your dislike list (insta love and the massive misunderstanding). The latter annoys me more because most big misundestandings are caused by lack of communication. If the characters verbalise their feelings or insecurities, they wouldn’t fight.

    In general, I dislike unfaithful characters but I did enjoy 2 books that have this theme because the context was done right. Oooohh, in fact this particular book that I enjoy so much features other themes that you dislike: love triangles & domestic violence.

    I have different points mentioned in my list. Feel free to check it out!

  9. I also hate love triangles. Every author seems to do it nowadays. Also instalove. I love when they start sort of not liking each other, but there is a connection, and then they just start falling in love.

  10. Hell yes to the massive misunderstanding trope. That’s so annoying. I hate when the whole plot is contingent on what the one character doesn’t tell the other, and then they’re going to fight about it. It’s not like romantic relationships won’t have problems or fights without that device!

  11. These new domestic violence are the one I cannot stand! They romanticize violence when the guys are just bullies.

    The only time I like insta-love is in paranormal romance in “bonds”, and even then it’s more like insta-attraction than insta-love. (Shelly Crane’s Significance).

    • Ah yes, I understand why you like that and I can completely agree with you with paranormal romance. I am with you about domestic violence. It’s just frustrating that it is romanticizing violence!

  12. I really love a slow burn romance too!
    I hate the whole misunderstanding plot…it just annoys me to no end.
    Trivial abuse is also a big nono for me. It seems to be happening a lot in certain books recently when a male character will rape and beat the female (or use some form of psychological abuse) and everyone thinks it’s ok because he “loves her too much” or “he is really just protecting her” or worse “she kind of deserved that one” (this last excuse especially occurs with psychological abuse). Argh. Yeah, like everyone else I hate insta love and love triangles (unless they are well done), but abuse gets the biggest hate from me.

  13. Great list!
    I hear you about being annoyed with the massive misunderstandings. It gets old when something comes out about one of the leads, and they decide to wait to tell the other until the perfect moment, since you just know there will be drama.:P
    I love all your likes! Supportive, well developed secondary characters are amazing, and I love romances that are built up over time.
    Great list!

  14. i actually NEVER understood the massive misunderstanding one. It happens all the time. The one I see a LOT is where the insecure MC sees her boyfriend hooking up with what she calls a “school slut” [who’s a pretty one dimensional character who only serves one purpose anyway.] and then she runs away.

    This stupid event takes like 5 chapters to fix where everyone’s crying and the MC can’t get off her high horse to ask what actually happened.


  15. Yes to all — but especially the misunderstandings as a plot point. It drives me crazy when there’s all sorts of conflict and drama over something that could be resolved with a little bit of healthy, direct communication. 🙂

  16. Ohh I agree with these! The misunderstanding one gets SO old. I just finished a book where every other chapter there was some dumb thing or another happening, and I was so over it, I didn’t even care if they got together in the end! And I LOVE when there are quality friends involved, I always end up loving the book more! Great list 🙂

  17. You so perfectly articulated pretty much exactly how I feel. I hate the contrived misunderstanding and have been known to yell “WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER!!!???” I agree about cheating – never okay, and I also have a lot of problems when domestic violence or any kind of abuse or manipulation are included as part of a plot in a way that implies that this is in any way acceptable. IT IS NOT. But, like many difficult situations we have to face in life, I also agree that if the book is about an abusive relationship, if that’s the point of the book, and if it’s given the gravity it deserves, that’s a different story. Excellent post!

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