Pig Heart Boy


How did I get it?:
I bought it!


You’re thirteen. All you want is a normal life. But most normal kids don’t need heart transplants.

So there’s this doctor. He says there’s a chance for you. But he also says it’s experimental, controversial and risky. And it’s never been done before.


I think I vaguely remember being intrigued by this book when I was younger, but I never got around to reading it. Coupled with a university task and a desire to read more from Malorie Blackman, I was excited to get to this book. Pig Heart Boy is a particularly touching story about a very sick boy who takes the opportunity to have a pig’s heart transplanted into this body.

Pig Heart Boy doesn’t take long to read at all yet it still makes a massive impact. I found it heart breaking but it was also an enjoyable reading experience. I think this is because it evokes so much thought in such a short space of time. It explores the dilemma of what risks you’d take if you were dying. It also could raise some ethical issues. Is it right to breed a pig in order to use its heart to keep a human alive?

I loved the characters in this story. Cameron is a sweet, likeable character. I could totally understand his decision to go through with the operation. I wasn’t as keen on Cameron’s friend Marlon, but I won’t spoil it with why! I really liked that both parents were present in this book, despite their being some disagreements.

Pig Heart Boy is well worth reading. It doesn’t take long to devour and it raises some important issues. I loved it.

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

An enjoyable thought provoking read!

6 thoughts on “Pig Heart Boy

  1. Hopping over from the British Books Challenge 🙂

    This is one of those books I feel like I know even though I haven’t read it. I love the idea, will definitely have to get round to it soon!

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