Beth and Chrissi’s Points of View on Point Horror: The Babysitter

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Welcome back to Beth and I’s Point Horror feature, the feature where we get nostalgic about our favourite Point Horror books! This time, my blog will host our reviews of The Babysitter by R.L Stine. Over on Beth’s blog, you can check out our review of The Boyfriend also by R.L Stine.

How did I get it?:
Borrowed from Beth!


An innocent baby-sitting job turns into a nightmare when Jenny discovers she’s the next victim of a crazed attacker.

Our thoughts?


  • The Babysitter was one of my favourite ever Point Horrors, R.L. Stine being one of my Point Horror heroes and I’m delighted to announce I enjoyed it as much as I did when I was a teenager.
  • Jenny is a lovely character that I think a lot of young girls could relate to. It was the first time I had read a book which told me it was okay to be shy (and still be a main character)!
  • The phone calls that Jenny received were terrifying – “Company’s coming,” makes for some very effective shiver down your spine, creep-you-out moments.
  • The baddie is not your typical cliche character from teenage horror – which makes him all the more scary!


  • I remember being really freaked out by this book when I was younger. It still gave me the shudders as I read through it.
  • I’m always surprised at how short these books are. They’re so engrossing, I’m surprised I didn’t fly through them when I was younger.
  • There are some bloomin’ marvellous characters in this book. I loved Jenny and the attacker is an incredibly intriguing character.
  • The ending is SO good! I had completely forgot what had happened, so I was pleasantly surprised/freaked out by it all!

To see our reviews of The Boyfriend please check out Beth’s blog HERE


9 thoughts on “Beth and Chrissi’s Points of View on Point Horror: The Babysitter

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  2. I love the Point Horror books when I was a teenager. I had (and I’ve still got, I think) this one too. Did you ever read the Nightmare books? Same kind of authors/stories as the Point Horror books.

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