Fairy Tale Friday: Faithful Johannes

Thanks to Luna for Fairy Chrissi!

The latest fairy tale that I’ve read in my book of Grimm Tales is Faithful Johannes. Faithful Johannes begins with the King dying and making his faithful servant Johannes promise that he won’t let the King’s son see a portrait of a princess. The new King eventually forces his way into the room, sees the portrrait of the princess and falls in love. The King isn’t sure how he’s going to win the princess over. There are ravens involved who tell the King certain things he has to do in order to get the princess and yes…. he does have the ability to understand ravens!

I thought this was a quirky little fairy tale, and whilst it isn’t my favourite from the selection I’ve read so far, it was enjoyable enough. There are certain elements of the story which are deeply disturbing such as the lengths the King will go to, to save Johannes. I won’t say anymore than that on the subject but it’s certainly not a ‘nice’ fairy tale, as us readers know.. fairy tales often have their darker edge to them!

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