Fairy Tale Friday: The Twelve Brothers

Thanks to Luna for Fairy Chrissi!

The Twelve Brothers is an interesting fairy tale. It’s definitely one of the lesser known tales. The King and the Queen have twelve boys, the King tells the Queen that if she has a girl then their twelve boys will be killed so that the girl can inherit the kingdom and wealth. The Queen encourages her children to run away. As the Princess grows up she finds out that she has twelve brothers. She decides to go search for them. The Princess find the brothers in an bewitched cottage. One day the Princess picks lilies which causes her brothers to turn into ravens. An old woman appears, telling her she can save her brothers if she promises not to speak for seven years, which she does so. There’s more drama with the Princess marrying, being put on the stake and being saved! It certainly is a strange but intriguing tale.

I enjoyed The Twelve Brothers much more than the previous fairy tales!

Next Fairy Tale- Little Brother and Little Sister


5 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Friday: The Twelve Brothers

  1. I’ve never heard of this one! I’m a big fan of fairy tales so I’m always surprised and happy to find new ones. If you like them, I can totally recommend some good fairy tale books.

      • Yay yaaay! If you’re feeling up to something darker, The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly had me falling in love within the first chapter. That one’s based loosely on existing fairy tales. Poison by Chris Wooding is one of my all time favorites (but that could be the nostalgia speaking) and I re-read it every few years. I just read and reviewed Bone Gap, where although it was less fairy-taley than the others here, it completely had that same fairy tale feeling when I read it and I loved that (and the story). And lastly, of course, the least traditional of all of these but one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read, Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Although this one doesn’t have that fairy-tale-feel, each of the books in the series is based loosely on a different fairy tale and it’s completely AMAZING!
        Haha, kinda went on a ramble there.

  2. Have you ever heard of a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen called “Wild swans”. It is very similar to that one, but it also has lots of other incredible details.

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