Fairy Tale Friday: Little Brother and Little Sister

Thanks to Luna for Fairy Chrissi!

This week’s Fairy Tale was another that I hadn’t come across yet. It was Little Brother and Little Sister. As I’ve been discovering, this fairy tale like many others that I have read is a lot darker than you’d first expect. It tells the story of a brother and sister who escape their evil stepmother. Their evil stepmother is a witch and she curses some objects along the way for the brother and the sister. The brother is very thirsty one day and drinks water that warns that it’ll turn him into a deer. The sister lives with her brother as a deer, and cares for him. As in many fairy tales, the King discovers her and decides to marry her and they end up having a child. The sister’s only condition is that she keeps the deer with her, which the King agrees to. Of course, the wicked stepmother isn’t happy about this, so she and her daughter intervene… the sister ends up dying, but she still comes to nurse her child. By the wonder of fairy tales, when the King finds out his true wife, she becomes alive and well once more.

This is the first fairy tale that I’ve read that was, at the heart of it, a ghost story! I very much enjoyed this story, particularly loving the evilness of the stepmother!

Next Fairy Tale: Rapunzel


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