Fairy Tale Friday: Rapunzel

This week’s Fairy Tale is the very well known Rapunzel! Of course, this being the Brothers Grimm, it’s not quite the Disney-fied or gentler version that so many of us are used to. There are elements of the well known story, but I adore how this version of Rapunzel is much darker.

It does involve the witch, the Prince and Rapunzel. Rapunzel is taken away by the witch, who has been promised Rapunzel as Rapunzel’s father had stolen the witch’s rapunzel to suit his wife’s cravings. The tumbling hair from the tower is of course included. However, this version involves the prince climbing up to Rapunzel’s tower with Rapunzel falling pregnant not long after they became lovers.

Rapunzel is a much darker tale than Disney’s Tangled (however much I love that movie) but in my opinion it still has that classic fairy tale feel. I really enjoyed it!

Writer and youtuber Carrie Hope Fletcher has discussed Rapunzel. Check out her thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Friday: Rapunzel

  1. I don’t know what it is with Disney and screwing up Brothers Grimm, but I’ve got to say more often than not I like the Disney version better. But still. Who took a tale of someone forcing their stepmother to dance until she died and thought “I could make a great children’s movie out of this!”?

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