Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke (Prisoner of Night and Fog #2)


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Bookbridgr! Many thanks to them.

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Prisoner of Night and Fog


The girl known as Gretchen Whitestone has a secret: she used to be part of Adolf Hitler’s inner circle. More than a year ago, she made an enemy of her old family friend and fled Munich to live in Oxford, posing as an ordinary German immigrant. Her love, Daniel Cohen, is a reporter in town, and Gretchen is content. Then a telegram sends Daniel back to Germany, and her world turns upside-down when she learns that Daniel is wanted for murder. To save him, she must return to her homeland and somehow avoid capture and recognition by her former friends, the Nazi elite. And as she and Daniel work to clear his name, they discover a deadly conspiracy stretching from the slums of Berlin to the Reichstag itself. Can they dig up the explosive truth and escape in time – or will Hitler discover them first?


I absolutely adored Prisoner of Night and Fog. I have to admit, I was worried when I heard that there was going to be a sequel, but I needn’t have worried. I didn’t think Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke matched the first book which I rated 5 stars, but it was still a fantastic book which I would definitely recommend.

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke leads nicely on from the first book. Gretchen and Daniel are living away from their hometown and are feeling much safer. Daniel receives a telegram which sends him back to Germany. Gretchen ends up following him. Of course, things aren’t easy in Germany. Daniel is wanted for murder and has to clear his name before they can return to their new lives. However, Gretchen and Daniel have bitten off more than they can chew, and whilst they investigate the murder they find out that they’re in much more trouble than they had anticipated.

This book is definitely a fast paced read. I love that it does have some historical facts within the story. It makes it much more gritty. I also found it incredibly easy to get back into, given that it’s been over a year since I read the first book in the series. I think this shows just how great Anne Blankman’s writing is! The characters felt familar. It was wonderful.

The characters in this series are fantastic. I really like Gretchen and feel she has grown as a character across the books. Her beliefs have been challenged and readjusted. I felt like this book dealt with Daniel much more as well. I loved their relationship and seeing how they tackled the challenges that came their way.

Would I recommend it?:
Yes! 3.5 stars!

A good sequel to a very good YA Historical Fiction series!

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