Fairy Tale Friday: The Three Snake Leaves

Thanks to Luna for making Fairy Chrissi!

Thanks to Luna for making Fairy Chrissi!

The Three Snake Leaves is a very strange little fairy tale. It’s fairly short, so it didn’t take long to read. I enjoyed it but it’s definitely not a fairy tale that stands out in my opinion.

In The Three Snake Leaves a man win’s the King’s daughter. The daughter had pledged that anyone that wanted to marry her had to make a promise that if she died, he would be buried alive with her. The man decides he loves her enough to fulfil this promise. Some time later the Princess gets ill and dies. The man has to fulfil his promise. Whilst in the chamber waiting to be buried, the Prince is attacked by a snake. The Prince kills the snake, chopping it up into three pieces. Another snake revives the dead snake with three leaves. The Prince gets the idea to revive the Princess with the leaves.

The Princess is the horrible one in this story. On a sea voyage with the Prince she falls in love with the captain. They throw the Prince off the ship but there are consequences! The leaves are used again and the sea captain and the Princess are punished!

I do enjoy how dark these fairy tales are and how most of the time those who deserve their comeuppance get it!

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