A Week In The Life of A Primary PGCE Student: It’s not easy…

Every Sunday (hopefully) I shall be posting a personal post about my massive new venture. I am going to University to train to be a primary school teacher. I will be trained to work with 5-11 year olds. It’s known to be a very, very stressful time so I’m hoping I can channel my thoughts and feelings into a blog post. It gives you an insight into what’s going on in my life and hopefully it’ll be incredibly therapeutic for me. I will NOT be naming any children, schools or teaching staff. I won’t even mention what University I’m at. I hope that’s understandable. If personal posts aren’t your thing then feel free to skip these posts. I won’t mind!

I don’t even know where to begin with this week. I feel like I’ve had a massive confidence crisis. There’s no reason to really. The logical part of me knows that I’ve passed my course with a high grading and my observations and teaching are going well. To be honest, I think it’s the lack of job. My anxiety is rearing its ugly head, affecting me badly this week.

I had one interview this week as the others were rescheduled. I got down to the final two candidates, but in the end they went for the other candidate. They took over 5 hours to decide and during my feedback, they told me I had did nothing wrong at all, and it was hard to give feedback when there was nothing negative to feedback. It’s reassuring, but my anxiety aliens worry that I won’t get a job.

I have prospects though. I’ve still got schools coming up. I just want something soon so I can relax more and get ready for the next stage of my career.

Teaching itself, has been fun this week. I really adore the class I’m with and I am going to miss them SO much when I finish in just under 2 weeks.  I need to start thinking about how I’m going to show my family appreciation for putting up with me over these past 9 months. It’s been a tough 9 months for us all! 😀

I am planning on writing some tips/tricks posts after I finish as I know a lot of people about to embark on this crazy journey of teacher training are reading my blog. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Week In The Life of A Primary PGCE Student: It’s not easy…

  1. Lovely post, I know it wasn’t easy for you to write and this hasn’t been the easiest of weeks but I love that you’re showing positivity and strength – how far you’ve come!! You wouldn’t have been that positive after a difficult week one year ago! Try and think of that when you feel down. You’ve grown so much as a person and I am so proud of you I could burst. From your number one fan and big sister who will ALWAYS be 100 percent behind you xxx

  2. Hang in there! When I first graduated college (I even finished a semester early) it took me 8 months to get a job. Then when I got laid off of that job several years later it took me about 5 months and many, many, many interviews before I landed something else. I know it can be a nerve-wracking and confidence shattering time, but you’ll eventually get the one you’re meant to have!

  3. Hi Chrissi
    Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough week. You did absolutely all you could by the sounds of it; much of interview decision-making is political stuff within the school which, sadly, is completely out of your control. All you can do is do your very best. They’ll remember you for it, too. Schools talk- who knows what opportunities might come your way as a result of doing a good interview?
    Fingers crossed for you, Chrissi. Be kind to yourself. Lick your wounds, then in the words of Patrick Ness: ‘Be yourself and go in swinging!’
    I’m a massive believer in fate too. The right job for you hasn’t come along yet- but it will.

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