Fairy Tale Friday: Cinderella

Thanks to Luna for making Fairy Chrissi!

Thanks to Luna for making Fairy Chrissi!

This week’s Fairy Tale Friday brings the ever popular Cinderella! I have to admit, I was way more familiar with the Disney version. This is the first time I’ve read the Brothers Grimm versuon, but I loved it nonetheless!

In the Grimm version, Cinderella isn’t a helpless slave to her stepmother and stepsisters. She still has to do things for them, but she is much more self reliant. There is no Fairy Godmother or mice (there are some birds though!), Cinderella has to do things for herself with the help of a magical tree! There is also some rather gross cutting of the feet for the sisters to fit into the glass slipper. Ew! Cinderella’s father is still present, but he might as well not be, as he doesn’t treat his daughter as nicely as he should! In this Grimm tale, the stepsisters certainly get their comeuppance, as they end up blinded!

I really liked this fairy tale, it’s completely different to the Cinderella I knew, but I thought it was fascinating to see the changes Disney made!

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2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Friday: Cinderella

  1. This is such a cool feature. I’ve always loved the originals. There’s a good chance I actually read the Grimm version before I saw the movie (unsure, I was too young when I did both). But it’s macabre in a way I enjoy. Have you done The Little Mermaid yet? Ooooh, boy.

    Sarcasm & Lemons

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