Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s list are the Top Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters. I could mention so many wonderful books that do this, so it’s been incredibly hard to narrow it down!

Undone- Cat Clarke


This book has diverse characters and deals with suicide. I was absolutely blown away by this book, especially the ending. Oh my goodness!

A Kiss In The Dark- Cat Clarke

A Kiss in the Dark

There is a big secret involved in this story, but I don’t want to give it away. You’ll just have to read it to see why it’s got diverse characters!

Stronger Than You Know- Jolene Perry

Stronger Than You Know

This book features a wonderful character who goes through so much and grows massively throughout the course of the story. I will always recommend this book!

Golden Boy- Abigail Tarttelin

Golden Boy

This is another diverse and bloomin’ wonderful book. It revolves around an inter-sex character.

Gracefully Grayson- Ami Polonsky

Gracefully Grayson

A beautiful story which deals with prejudice and ignorance!

The Art of Being Normal- Lisa Williamson

The Art of Being Normal

This book was recommended to me by several trusted book bloggers. I could see why. I think it’s a fabulously diverse book which has a transgender character at the heart of the story.

Pointe- Brandy Colbert


I absolutely adored this book. The main protagonist is dealing with serious issues. It’s so well written!

My Heart and Other Black Holes- Jasmine Warga

My Heart and Other Black Holes

This book deals with mental health/suicide in an incredibly raw, honest manner.

She Is Not Invisible- Marcus Sedgwick

She Is Not Invisible

Marcus Sedgwick’s book has a character who is living without sight. I think this is a beautifully written book.

Lies We Tell Ourselves- Robin Talley

Lies We Tell Ourselves

This book involves race and LGBT. It’s wonderful.

What are your Top Ten books with diverse characters/diversity? Feel free to leave a link to your top ten post and I’ll stop by!

59 thoughts on “Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters

  1. I haven’t heard of many of these books. But thanks to this meme, I realized I am not reading that diversely at all. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I am familiar with only a few of the titles you mention, and all are ones I would like to read at some point (Lies We Tell Ourselves, My Heart and Other Black Holes, and The Art of Being Normal). The ones I do not know sound good as well! This is a wonderfully diverse list, Chrissi!

  3. Pointe is on a lot of lists this week. I also have The Art of Being Normal on my TBR list and A Kiss in the Dark – but I obviously need to get copies first!

  4. Great list! I haven’t read any of these yet, so I’ll be adding a bunch to my TBR pile. I just love the cover of She Is Not Invisible. I’m always interested in stories that have characters with visual impairments because my mom is blind. 🙂

  5. I basically want to read ALL of these books. How have I not known about these Cat Clarke books? And Stronger Than You Know? They sound amazing! And whoa, Undone is only $2.99 for Kindle right now! Luckily, most of these ARE on my TBR and need to be read ASAP! These are amazing, thanks for putting some new books on my radar!

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