Fairy Tale Friday- The Musicians of Bremen

Thanks to Luna for Fairy Chrissi!

The Musicians of Bremen is a fairy tale that I wasn’t all that familiar with. Perhaps I should have known more about it, considering it has been retold in various medias in popular culture.

The Musicians of Bremen centres around a donkey, cat, cockerel and a dog. All of these animals are past their prime and they expect to be mistreated by their owners. They decide to leave their respective homes for Bremen, a place where they can be free. They aim to be musicians! On the way to Bremen, they come across some robbers in a cottage, the animals scare the robbers away and end up spending a lovely night at the cottage. The robbers come back to investigate the next day and once again, the animals get the better of them!

I thought this fairy tale’s strength was its simplicity. It’s short, to the point and doesn’t try to be too clever. It was a quick and easy read! 🙂

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